Sunday, December 3, 2017

Salt Shaker Snow Lady

Welcome to DAY THREE! We all love snowmen (well, I don't like REAL ones because I hate winter BUT, fake ones are just fine!) so here are some creative takes on snowmen . . . enjoy!

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All you need for this cute snowman project is a salt/pepper shaker, a wooden or foam bead/ball and assorted trims.
 You can choose to fill the shaker with 'snow' or beads but this one was pretty cloudy so I decided to brush Mod Podge on in random spots and roll in ultra-fine glitter.
 For the head, I used a foam ball. Even though it was white already, I brushed it with Mod Podge and rolled in the glitter as well.
 I have a bunch of these key 'things' so that's what I used to make the tag.  I printed the words on paper, glued on and used a sanding block to remove excess paper.
 Since this snow lady likes her 'bling', I added some to the tag.
 More bling from a piece of an old necklace and some decorative yarn/ribbon for a feather-like boa help to complete her look.
 For her hat, a band of sparkly rhinestones and an old post earring dressed it up!  Bead were glued in for the eyes and a spray painted toothpick was used for her nose.
 These are addicting and so fun to make.  They're also a great way to use up those 'odds and ends' of jewelry and trims you might have!

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  1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for visiting me at my blog. I just love your salt shaker snowman, or lady really! She is quite dressed up. I have so many pieces of old jewelry and trims that I could easily make one of these....once I find a salt shaker. It was fun visiting your blog!

  2. What a pretty snow lady! Will have to keep my eye open for a salt shaker that would work.

  3. Oh my goodness... and you thought MINE was adorable... This blingy snow lady is the cutest thing!!


  4. As crafty as I am, I would never have thought of that...neat.

    1. Thanks Pam - head to the dollar store and grab a few shakers!

  5. Hello!
    Thank you for visiting my little space.
    I am so glad to meet you, and am happy to be your newest follower!
    Have a cozy Sunday.
    Your blog is beautiful!

  6. She certainly is a cutie! Wow, I know very few of the blogs participating in this. I'm going to have to come back when I have more time and visit them.

    1. I know - definitely only knew 2 or 3 of these blogs before I was asked to participate. Hope you can stop by again - still 8 more days to go!

  7. What a darling idea, clever!

  8. She is the most beautiful snowlady I have seen. Something tells me making these snow ladies can be addictive. You can really have fun blinging her up.

    1. You should have seen all of the 'bling' I had out. I had to really tone her down haha but yes, it IS addicting! Thanks Debra :)

  9. Your snow lady is just adorable! Your do the neatest crafts, Lauren!

  10. This is adorable, Lauren. And the jewels made it even more pretty and special (I'm a jewel lover).


  11. So cute, I think I have a salt and pepper set like that from a thrift store!


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