Saturday, June 27, 2015

Birthday Rolodex

This was a fun project that I made for my future daughter-in-law as one of her shower gifts.  And honestly, the hardest part of this whole thing was FINDING A ROLODEX! Seriously -- does anyone actually USE these any more? Now they are easy (and a lot cheaper) to find online but by the time I decided to do this, I only had a few days to make it and get it shipped off to her in time for her shower.  I found this one at Office Depot for $12.00.  Online, you can easily get them for 5-6.00 and maybe even less.  
 There are lots of different ways to do this.  I didn't like the flimsy paper cards that came with it or the actual divider cards so all I ended up using was the plastic holder!
 I cut the dividers out of card stock, punched a square 'hole' and then hand cut the slits up to the square.  Now I know there is a die cut for this (and had I been more organized, believe me I would have bought it!) but again, time didn't allow me to do it.  I just used the papers that came with the rolodex as a template for punching and cutting the slits.

 Once the dividers were cut, I just went to town using any and all embellishments and stamps I had to create a birthday theme throughout.  You could also do things that reflect each particular month -- again -- time didn't allow me to do that but if I make this again, I think I'll do that.

 I printed out the names of the months on the computer and then used punches to frame them.  It was fun pulling out some of my stamps, tools, techniques that I hadn't used in awhile to create a unique divider for each month.

  In my rush to get this in the mail, I didn't photograph any of the actual birthday index cards!  All I did was type each person's name and their Month/Day of their birthday on my computer.  I spaced them so I could cut them to fit the rolodex.  Again, using the papers that came with it, I punched and cut the slits.  Each person has their own card.  I added 5-6 blank cards to each month so my son and daughter-in-law can add to this on their own.
 A fun project that can really be whatever you want it to be -- as simple or as detailed as you want -- and something that really lets you be creative!  Okay, now do ANY of you have a rolodex that you still use?
UPDATE:  It appears this was LOST IN THE MAIL to my future daughter-in-law!!  I am so sad.  And of ALL the things I have shipped for the wedding, I've kept every single receipt with tracking.  I can't find this receipt!! Please pray that it turns up .  . .

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Best Electronics Warranties - Square Trade!

 Let me start off by saying I am not being compensated in any way for this post . . . I simply continue to be impressed with this company and their warranties and wanted to share my experiences with you all.  We ALL have electronic gadgets these days and we've all probably paid crazy high prices for in-store warranties that were less than stellar and not worth the price you pay.  For the past 10 years or so I've been using Square Trade to cover everything from laptops to cameras and IPhones and I just cannot say enough great things about this company!  (They even cover appliances and televisions) My most recent experience tops them all and I'll tell you why in a little bit.  
A few weeks ago . . . this is what I did (see above).  Yep, left it out in the rain.  Overnight.  It was dripping water out of it when my husband picked it up.  After putting it in a container of rice for a day, it did turn on but many of the functions (as you see above) were no longer working.  Then I remembered . . . I had purchased a 3 year warranty (for 20.00) which didn't expire until 2017!  So . . . on Tuesday, June 16, I filed my claim online and within an hour received a postage-paid FedEx label.  On Wednesday, June 17, I dropped my box off at FedEx.  Within an hour, I got an email thanking me for sending my package off!  On Thursday, June 18, I got an email saying they had received my camera and it was in for repair.  On Friday, June 19, I got an email saying my camera was repaired and on its way back to me.

Today, June 20, my camera arrived at my doorstep!!  Like I said, I have had nothing but great experiences with them but THIS is by far the most amazing and fast yet!!
You always get a complete description of exactly what was done to the product.  Just look at all they fixed!  My camera is working like new!
So basically, here's how it works:
  • You purchase a warranty within 30 days of buying your electronic gadget (they also cover items purchased used, i.e. on Ebay).  
  • You upload a copy of your receipt and your warranty and receipt are stored in your account for easy access should you need to file a claim.
  • If you need to file a claim, it's quickly done online.  They either email you a label or if it's a large item like a laptop, they send you a shipping box with all the packing materials and postage.
  • You ship your item to them.
  • They return it to you repaired OR 
  • If they cannot repair the item, they will deposit the amount you paid (from your receipt) into your Paypal account and you can go buy a new one!
Other perks:
  • If they cannot repair your item in the time promised, they will compensate you in some way.  For example, one time they had to keep my laptop for over a week.  They refunded the entire cost of my warranty and still repaired the laptop!
  •  The total coverage includes EVERYTHING.  That means even if you back over it with your car -- it's covered.  If you drop it in the pool -- it's covered.  I recommend this coverage --  you know for things like when your son is shooting pool with his laptop open, facing the pool table and his friend fires a billiard ball right into it shattering the screen . . .
  •  For the price of ONE year of terrible coverage from your local electronics store, you can get 2-3 years of outstanding coverage from Square Trade.  And, once you are a customer, they send you discount coupons about once every other month for 30-40% off a warranty.
  • The only negative I can find is the time factor and I think this would really only be a problem with a phone.  You'd have to do without a phone for a few days depending on how fast they repair it.  
So check out Square Trade the next time you purchase any electronic item. I can promise, you'll never buy a store warranty again! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chicken Feeder Candlelight

Today I'm sharing with you one of my 'aha' moments.  While getting ready for a romantic dinner outside tonight (It's our 31st anniversary!) I was looking around for some extra candles/lighting.  Being on a tight budget I did what I normally do -- shop my own house! I came across this chicken feeder I had purchased a while ago and never did anything with it.
 I thought the holes were perfect to hold flowers so I filled it with water and gathered a few wild flowers from my yard.  
 To cover the hole inside, I just laid in a canning jar lid so I can place a candle inside without it falling into the water!
  I added a battery-operated (for obvious reasons lol) tea light candle and screwed the jar back on.  This will go on our table but if you added a few chains to it, it would sure look pretty hanging as well I think.
 Free ambiance!  
Do you ever "shop" your own house?