Friday, February 15, 2019

Valentine's Day Breakfast

I love Valentine's Day. I love Breakfast.  Combine the two and it's one of my favorite things to do . . . create a Valentine's Day breakfast!

After making a big fritatta, I used a large cookie cutter to cut heart shapes and a smaller one to use up the scraps.  Of course don't throw away the uncut scraps! Those are for the next day!

Now had I not lost track of these, they would have looked much more like heart-shaped bacon lol! Baked in the oven, these are easy and no mess . . . just be sure to check often!

Strawberries sliced in half with a "V" cut in the top look like little, red hearts!

Ahhhhh . . . biscuits.  How I love a good biscuit.  This recipe is from Tracey's Culinary Adventures.  It is. By far. The best. Biscuit recipe I've ever used and the only one I use.  I think it's not only the honey and buttermilk but the METHOD that makes these a stand out.  By folding the dough several times (see her recipe and instructions), you get these wonderful, flaky layers.  I'm not kidding.  You will never want to make biscuits any other way ever again!

Just look at all of those fluffy, buttery layers . . .

Plated and ready to be enjoyed . . .

Add some pink grapefruit juice, candlelight and a good, hot cup of coffee and there you have it! A simple, HEART-warming breakfast.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Vintage Style Valentine Ornaments

I'm having a lot of fun making ornaments for my Valentine tree!  Last week I saw these double heart, cardboard ornaments in a gift shop.  They were so cute but they were 12.00 each! No thank you.  I made a few mental notes and came home to make my own version.

I started by printing out some vintage Valentine images. A smaller heart template was used for the image itself and a slightly larger one for the red background.  I used pinking shears to create the edges.

You could embellish these however you like. I had some Stickles glitter paint so I just added a few touches of that.  To get the glittered edges, I watered down a bit of white glue.  Using a brush, I painted the edges with the glue.

Sprinkle on some ultra fine glitter while the glue is wet.  After these dried, I turned them over and gave them a 'flick' with my finger to pop off any excess glitter.  I also brushed them off with a small brush to remove some.

You could just glue the image to the larger heart but I decided to give it a little more dimension with these small foam squares.  

For the hanger, I knotted a piece of cording and adhered it to the back with another piece of card stock glued down.  Afterwards I thought I could have just attached another whole red heart on the back and it would have looked neater. Oh well.  Don't look at the back!

I'm pleased with how they turned out.

These would be cute for an Easter tree cut in egg or flower shapes too.  

These are just two layers but three would be pretty too!

A simple, fun craft that would also be cute tucked into a card or on top of a gift.

For another Valentine ornament idea:

If you want to make either, I'd be happy to email you the documents with the images in them already sized.  Just let me know!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Valentine Tree and Vintage-Style Chenille Ornaments


With a new puppy, I opted for a small tree for Christmas this year.  When it came time to put up my Valentine decorations, I thought it was the perfect size for a Valentine Tree.

I already had white lights on it so I added some red netting around the base and a wood plaque for a topper.

I've been looking at these vintage-style chenille ornaments on Pinterest and found this simple tutorial for how to make them at Vintageimagecraft.  They're so simple to make and a lot of fun to 'dress'.

I found some images of vintage postcards, printed them and then then just cut off the heads (ouch!).

The Dollar Spot at Target had lots of little Valentine embellishments like these rhinestone heart stickers.

You can make animals too!  I'm planning to make lots of little ducks and chicks like this for Easter.

Several of the dresses were made using tulle.  I just cut a piece about 15" long and folded in half lengthwise (so the hem is the folded edge).  Using a needle and thread I gathered the 'neckline', wrapped around the doll and secured with hot glue.

You can use doilies, pieces of doilies and other fabric as well. This little gal is holding a rhinestone heart from my broken jewelry stash.

Stick on rhinestones made this little pup's dress sparkle!

I had a lot of pieces of vintage, glass prisms so I wired them together and hung them on the tree as well.

I also added vintage earrings and pins for ornaments as well as some red hearts that I got at Hobby Lobby.

My whole house is decorated inside and out for Valentine's Day.  It's quite cheery, especially as I sit here watching massive amounts of snow fall and blow outside my windows.  I'll be sharing more of my ideas and decorations soon!

Keep warm everyone!!