Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ugly Bi-Fold Door Fix

Unfortunately every bedroom in our house has these cheap, hollow-core, bi-fold doors.  While continuing the process of making over my girls' bedroom into a "Beachy" guest room, I had totally ignored these doors.  Then my husband said to me, "Hey, you should do that 'painty, sanding thing' on them and make them look old."  I think he knows my style now!  Here's what they looked like before:
 I didn't even bother to remove the hinges.  I just sprayed them first with a flat, white primer and then painted everything with Pure White Chalk Paint.
 Normally I do two coats but for these, I wanted a particularly weathered, worn look so I just did one coat and I even thinned the paint to make it even lighter.  With 120 grit sandpaper, I distressed them and then sanded everything down with 600 grit paper (a MUST when using Chalk Paint as the finish is like glass!) This was a tip from my wonderful Chalk Paint distributer.
 I purchased some simple door knob plates to cover the holes in the doors and got a few silver knobs at the local ReStore and painted it all with a flat, white.
 I chose not to wax these.  With the 600 grit sandpaper, the finish is smooth and any other sealing was unnecessary.
 A simple, cheap fix for an ugly problem.  I plan on doing this in each of the other bedrooms as well.
More to come on my "Beachy Guest Room"!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

3 Ingredient Banana Bundt

 We all have them . . . overripe bananas that no one wants to eat.  I always toss them, skin and all right into the freezer and use them for banana bread but today I wanted something a little bit different AND something that would use up a LOT of bananas at once, not just one or two.
So, by adding two more ingredients . . .
   you get this . . .
So quick, simple and it uses up 4-5 bananas!
I highly recommend that you add a cup of chocolate chips (which I did) but it's also good plain.  I'm also going to try adding some coconut the next time.
 So, here's the recipe:
1 box of cake mix (I used white because that's what I had but you can use yellow, spice or even chocolate)
2 eggs
4-5 very ripe bananas, mashed
1 c chocolate chips (optional)

Combine everything and pour into well greased Bundt pan.  Bake at 350 degrees 40-50 minutes.
 That's it!  Does it get any simpler? What is YOUR favorite way to use up those bananas?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

EASY Remove Paint From Hardware!

 Another great piece given to me by a friend has these great drawer pulls that need the layers and layers of paint removed.  I did a search and found a method that REALLY works with NO chemical strippers.  I went onto YouTube (do you ever use YouTube for instructional videos? It's a great resource for people like me who are visual learners!) and found a guy who showed the whole process so I had to try it myself.  You will need:
An old pot that you will NOT be using for cooking again
Baking Soda
That's it!
Cover the bottom of the pot with baking soda and place your hardware pieces in.  I put mine in face down just because most of the paint was on that side but it doesn't matter if paint is on both sides as this process will remove it all over.
 Next, fill the pot with enough water to cover the hardware.
 Don't stir or anything -- just simmer, for 30 minutes.
 Mixture should not boil, only simmer.  One note, check periodically to make sure the water hasn't all cooked away.  Mine did but it was okay and the pan cleaned up fine afterward but I'd imagine if it burned, it would be a bit of a mess.  I'd say check after 20 min. or so to make sure there is still water in the pan.
 Using tongs, remove the pieces and begin rolling the paint right off!  It reminded me of peeling dried, school glue off of your fingers!  In just a few minutes, I pulled the paint right off. I used a safety pin to reach into some of the crevices thinking I'd have to "pick" it out but NO, it just PULLED right out of there too!
 The end result!  
 Check out the YouTube video -- he is cleaning a really old door hinge using this method.  I can't wait to try this on other projects -- life-transforming!  LOL  
So what "tips" or "tricks" have transformed YOUR crafting life?