Monday, November 24, 2014

Show Off Your Photos!

The holidays are upon us and we will all probably be taking lots of photos.  Where will they end up? For many of us, on our computer, tablet, on "the Cloud" or in some other cyber-storage space.  There are a lot of creative ways to display your photos but you have to print them first! And since the holidays ARE now officially upon us, there is no time like the present to get ready to display the pictures you take! 

I really enjoy Shutterfly.  I love that you can edit your photos yourself, upload them, and have them delivered to your door.  If you don't want just "normal" pictures, they can even put them on calendars, wall art, place mats and tons of other home decor products.  Any of these would make great gifts.  

But if you decide to go with prints, here are a few options for displaying them once they arrive. Because most of these require some DIY work, you can tailor these ideas for your own home:

Use an old book as a photo album. (Tutorial to follow soon)
 Old windows are a great way to show off your family. I used small eye hooks to connect a chain across the panels and used vintage earrings to attach the photos.

Vintage pants hangers made displays for my son's apartment billiard photos
Repurposed mousetraps attached to a scrap board create a fun, unique way to display up to three 8X10 photos
 Glass containers of almost any shape or size can hold multiple or single photos.  This jar sits in my living room and is filled with old photos.
I love how the folks over at Apartment Therapy used vintage bottles to display single photos
A wreath of any kind makes a lovely photo display but I really like this burlap wreath from Thistlewood Farms.
Liz Marie Blog used boards, wire and a few simple items for her photos and you could easily change these photos whenever you like.
 I adore ladders, frames AND old pictures so this display featured over at Itsy Bits and Pieces really grabbed my heart!
And finally, how about this clever idea?  A wall clock using family photos created by Arts and Crackers.  It's a clever way to have a gallery wall in your home.
So this year, let's really try to get those pictures off of our devices, into our homes and on display!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gratitude Trees and Garlands

In September hubby and I went to Edward's Apple Orchard for the day.  One of the things we enjoyed most was a Gratitude Garland "station" they had set up in one of the barns.  The display itself was so beautiful using the old suitcase to hold the pieces of ribbon.
 The also made the pens into 'flower pens' with instructions to write what you were grateful for on the ribbons.
 Once you were finished, you placed them in this cute egg basket and then they were gathered each day to be hung on the wall in a giant Gratitude Garland!
I know this is probably not a new concept to most but it was the first time I'd seen something like this.  I found some other cute variations including "Gratitude Trees" so I thought I'd share them with you. 
 Grateful Branch

 Gratitude Garland for kids to make
 Gratitude Garland with envelopes

 Gratitude Garland Free Download

 Cute scrappy mantle banner
 Thankful Tree

Paper Bag Gratitude Garland

I think that any of these would be fun to do not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the year.  Wouldn't it be fun to have the "pieces" at hand all year long and as we become mindful of something to be thankful for, we add it to the collection?  Then as Thanksgiving draws near, it could all be assembled as a reminder of how we have been blessed ALL YEAR LONG.  I know I often forget all of the ways the Lord has blessed me, both big and small.  I think this would cause us to always be on the 'look out' for these blessings throughout the year and very encouraging to be reminded of them all as we sit around our Thanksgiving table, reminiscing about each one.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Outlet Mount Candle Holders - Fall Centerpiece

I needed a new fall centerpiece for my table but didn't want to spend much money so I 'shopped' around through my stash of 'junk' and came up with this.  The porcelain sockets make great candle holders!  The candles were too small for the opening so I wrapped them in aluminum foil so they wouldn't wobble.
 To cover the foil, I made a little 'necklace' from an old pearl necklace in my stash and slipped that down over the candles.  I added a few old keys to the light pulls for some added interest,
The centerpiece itself was a wooden box someone gave me (don't you love it when people give you their 'cast offs'?!) and since it had leaves on it I thought it would be perfect for a fall piece.  I gave it a coat of chalk paint then lightly sanded to bring out the details in the wood.
The bird house is one I've had for years and it's been in a lot of different places in my home but at the time was in my box of 'stuff' so I gave it a wash of chalk paint and added it to the back section of the box.  Some sticks, silk hydrangeas (also gifted to me) and a 1.00 felt pumpkin from the Target Dollar Spot (a dangerous place!) completed the look.
I'm trying to embrace fall . . . it's hard for a summer-, warm weather-lover like me though!  Do you let your friends know to call you before they throw out their unwanted things?  If not, you should! It's amazing what you can gather for your makeovers, often at no cost to you!  What's the greatest 'freebie' you've ever gotten?