Sunday, September 9, 2018

Flannel Shirt Fall Coasters

I'm probably in the minority here but . . . I am not happy to see summer come to an end.  I've enjoyed taking the summer off from blogging, soaking in our extremely hot and dry summer, late nights in my gazebo, bike rides, outdoor concerts, grilling and eating outside and so much more! (So what do all of these things have in common? Yep, you can't do ANY of them around here in the winter!).  BUT, time marches on and fall is in the air so I'll concede and begin with a simple, inexpensive fall project!

What you'll need:
Flannel shirt or other medium weight fabric
Card stock or heavy paper for pattern 
Permanent marker or chalk 
Pinking Shears
You can use any fabric but I used an old, flannel shirt from Goodwill.  After washing and drying (You'll want to do this to any fabric you use.  If you don't preshrink, your coasters will wrinkle and shrink and distort if you decide to wash them.) I used a marker to trace my pattern onto the wrong side of the flannel.  I cut these with the pattern on the diagonal for interest.
My pattern was 4.25" square.  I cut two pieces of flannel for each coaster.
I used a silver marker to trace my smaller pattern onto the black felt.  
You'll need to cut one piece of flannel for each coaster.  They should be 3.75" square.
Sandwich and center the felt in between two pieces of flannel.  The flannel should be RIGHT sides OUT.
Stitch together using the 'feel' of the edge of the felt inside as your guide.  The fabric may shift giving you the uneven edges seen in the picture BUT, if you're following the felt square edge, that will give you a nice, even square.
Next, even the edges with pinking shears.  
Sew a seam from one corner to the other. Turn and do the same between the other two corners.
You could 'quilt' these with more lines if you want. I chose to just do these two lines of stitching.
I was able to make 18 coasters from one flannel shirt using the sleeves, fronts and back.
A great way to use those old flannels you may have laying around . . . simple, quick project!  If you need to or decide to wash these, the edges will fray nicely too!

How are you fluffing your nest for fall?  All at once or with just a few touches at a time?

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Vintage Linen Owl

I love vintage linens! Sometimes the prettiest ones have stains that just won't come out.  Here's a great way to still get some life out of them . . . pin cushions.  When I saw this little owl, I fell in love and knew it would be perfect for this fabric I have.  The free pattern can be downloaded HERE.

Using the pattern provided, I cut out the pieces: The quarter circle is the body, the circle is the bottom and the triangle is the belly.  I used vintage curtain material for the body and this pretty embroidered runner for the belly because it was too stained to use for anything else.

I made sure to center the embroidered flower bouquet so it would be centered on the owl's belly.

You need to cut a circle of cardboard and a circle of fabric (the fabric circle is cut 1/2" larger).  With needle and thread, just gather and pull then stitch it so it stays gathered.

Stitch right sides together, the body and belly section.  (See that I had already stitched it WRONG . . . and had to rip it out and stitch it again!)

This fabric was unraveling a lot so I used a zig zag stitch so it wouldn't unravel.

Here it is turned right side out.

I didn't have any fiberfill so I just used some soft, jersey fabric scraps to stuff it.  Stitch along the bottom end and pull tight to hold in the filling.

Now stitch the fabric covered cardboard disk onto the bottom using a simple slip stitch all the way around.

The original instructions say to stitch the beak down.  I'm lazy.  I used a hot glue gun.

The directions also say to stitch the buttons on for the eyes.  I stitched them with the thread then hot glued them on so they LOOKED like they had been stitched on.

Isn't he so cute??

He makes an adorable pin cushion.  These would be cute for so many things!  Now I know what to do with the linen stash.  There are a lot of free patterns out there for pin cushions including these cute chicks which I think I'll try next!

Monday, July 9, 2018


It's summer.  And I've been so behind in attending to my blog and returning visits.  But I can't help it.  To me, 

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"

Living here in the Midwest, this quote REALLY 
says it like it is:

"I can't wait for summer.  
I hope it falls on a weekend I'm off."

Our summers are so short . . . and our winters so long that I am going to take some time now to just soak it all in, visit when I can, post if I feel like it and just generally soak up this amazing heat wave we are in!

I hope where ever you are . . . you're enjoying the beauty of the season!!