Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring INSIDE At Least . . .

 Living in the Midwest means that even if the CALENDAR says spring is here . . . you know that doesn't meant it feels or looks like spring OUTSIDE.
It means that you can be wearing flip flops and filling yard bags one day . . . and the next, both are buried in snow.

Living in the Midwest means you often have to CREATE your own spring so here's my little attempt to do that.

Nothing says "spring" like bunnies and flowers . . .

. . . or nests

I treasure this one -- my daughters found this a few years ago while they were out walking the dog.  It's SO delicate and finely woven and only measures a few inches across.  That's a real Robin's egg that I found last year in the woods.  I didn't know if it would eventually smell . . . it didn't so it's the perfect touch for my little nest.

Many of these elements are rotated in and out at different times of the year, including this ornate frame.  I just swap out the quotes/verses.

No matter what the weather . . . I'm reminded that Jesus is the Creator and Orchestrator of the seasons and the source of eternal life!