Monday, October 24, 2011

Guests or Hubby? How Can I Choose?

Thanks to my lovely new daugher-in-law, we now have an 'extra' room in our home for the first time in 27 years of marriage.  (She took our oldest off of our hands -- haha!)  While our twins had the idea that for the first time in THEIR 20 years they'd each have their own room (they complain that they've "shared a room since the womb"), we had other plans.  The dilemma:  I want my husband to have his own space (he surprised me several years ago by having friends over while I was gone for a weekend and building me a stamping/craft room in the basement!) since I have mine.  HOWEVER, we also would love to have a space for guests to sleep (Adults aren't usually fond of bunk or loft beds - go figure.)  

So my dreams of a vintage, shabby-chic, B&B-type retreat are out and I'm faced with finding a way to create a masculine retreat that is also warm and inviting to guests.  Here's what we have to work with:  A SMALL room, (14X14) two windows, one closet, moss-gray carpet (although it looks purple in the pics! (which will stay because it's pretty new) and this desk and chair which we just bought for 25.00 each at thrift stores. 
I'll be painting them (Annie Sloan Graphite maybe??) and recovering the chair seat.  My plan is to add a loveseat-size sofa bed or futon.  I'm thinking shades of gray, white and black as the foundation colors and then throwing in a bright color (turquoise? yellow? red?) with accent pieces.  

The wing chair will go (although I wish I had room for a SMALL, comfy reading chair) as will the other pieces which are just being 'housed' in the room for now. 
We also got this fabulous old magazine/book rack for 25.00! Hubby as you can see already thinks it's going in here for his books but I think it will be going in the living room after it gets a makeover. . . we'll see who wins there!

We have lots of prep work including painting all the woodwork white, taking down the border, painting the walls, new window treatments, etc.  Can you help me??  I'd sure love to hear your suggestions? Is it even POSSIBLE that we can both end up happy with this room???

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Wasn't Always This Cute

For $11.75 cents I knew this round table had potential.  
After a coat of Paris Gray and a coat of Antique White chalk paint she was looking better already.
A coat of clear and a graphic from The Graphics Fairy using my printer label technique she was really taking shape nicely.
I added a few bees and the "no. 147" with rubber stamps and StazOn ink.
There are even a few little bees 'hiding' on the bottom shelf.

This graphic seemed a bit more 'stubborn' and resistant to drying so I did spray it with a light coat of matte finish clear paint and then added another coat of clear wax.
I think she feels much better about herself now  .  .  . it's the start of another work week so projects are back on hold until the weekend but it sure felt good to have paint on my hands again! Some people rely on 'retail therapy' . . . I rely on 'creative therapy'!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Ledge

I finally finished my fall decorating by adding several of my recent thrift store purchases that I gave a new look to.  The white pumpkins were orange ones I already had -- just gave them a coat of white. The two little brass containers I kept as is, just filled them with an assortment of moss, pumpkins and wooden acorns.
The white, glass bowl with the leaves imprinted on it worked perfectly to hold some rustic pumpkins I picked up at a flea market.

I had picked up this great, large frame and gave it a coat of Paris Gray chalk paint then a coat of Antique white.  I then distressed and waxed it.  The quote fit perfectly with my fall theme so after adding a little bit of stamped embellishment, this completed the 'nook' in my living room.  My hubby laughed when he saw the quote, "Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns" because I for the most part don't like autumn, only because it heralds what is to come, Winter.  But it IS a pretty quote and it DOES work with my vignette, so for this, I'll be a hypocrite.

We're enjoying a delicious Indian Summer here in the Midwest and the eighth consecutive day of "100% sunshine" with temps in the 80's . . . a real treat as we anticipate the winter days just around the corner!  I hope you all are enjoying this season with your family and friends!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paradise in So Many Ways

Almost nine months ago we planned a trip to rest and regroup after my hubby started a new job and we married off our son.  Little did we know just HOW much we'd need this rest after my husband's heart attack just days before the wedding.  Saint Marys, Georgia is a lovely, little coastal town. Here we are on our first night there relaxing by the inlet in a beautiful, quiet park - Paradise (especially when the low temp here far exceeds the HIGH temp back home!).
There seems to be an antique and/or resale shop on every corner here - Paradise. This one was jam-packed with treasures including lots of vintage purses and clothing.

LOVED this travel case from the 40's.  It was only 30.00 -- I should have bought it!  Pristine condition -- even had the original keys still attached!

I did finally decide on this gorgeous vintage dress from the 1940's . . . it fits like it was custom-tailored for me.  It's missing the belt which was probably from the same fabric but I'm going to look for a thin, black patent belt to replace it.

Just look at the fine details -- the button placket is lined in burgundy satin
This is the true color of the dress - a deep burgundy wool crepe.  There are 14 tiny buttons down the front and lovely pleats in the bodice as well as 3/4 length sleeves -- my favorite!  I also could not pass up this adorable black, WOOL purse.  It was a steal at 20.00 -- just look at the quality and detail!

The purse is made by "Dorian".  When I googled it, I found this exact purse (selling for 85.00) and it was created by this designer exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman in the early 1950's.
Lovely, original spring-loaded clasp in perfect working order.

I should have photographed something with this to show you just how TINY this little zipper and pull are! Each row of teeth can't be more than 1/16" wide.
There are several different gold-lined, satin pockets for credit cards, etc.
And best of all -- the little black, satin coin purse inside still attached with the original, extremely FINE chain! While looking at all of their purses, I overheard a young college girl telling her mom she just couldn't believe these purses were over 50 or 60 years old because they were in such great condition.  Mom remarked (SO true) that back then, things were made to last, unlike today where products are made to be 'disposable'.