Monday, June 11, 2018

DIY Desk Decor

Since we are all just 'fit to be tied' over the changes Blogger has made, I don't expect anyone to stop back to see comments once they've posted so I'll simply be visiting your blogs in return (unless you come up as anonymous . . . still haven't figured THAT one out either!) if I'm able to see who you are in your comment.  Let's just hope they get their act together soon and realized what a crazy move that was!!

Now, on to more FUN things!
Recently I started a new job.  No matter where I work, I always feel the need to "feather my nest".  Part of my 'feathering' was inspired by Aly at Entirely Eventful Day.  She came up with a great way to create a custom desk pad that can be CHANGED out using different paper, or in my case, fabric!  

I purchased this Spray Mount by Scotch because it is removable which was key for me since I want to be able to change the fabric when I get tired of this print.   The directions say to use a heavier coat if you want it to be permanent.  Like Aly, I purchased my desk pad at IKEA.  Mine was only 6.00!  I cut the fabric to size and then sprayed the SMOOTH side and applied the fabric FACE UP, showing through the MARBLED side.  This is important because you need the marbled side up so you can operate your mouse on it.  Once it was adhered enough, I trimmed any loose threads.

My second project was taking a Goodwill Store frame and creating a tray to hold supplies.  After removing the picture, I covered the cardboard insert with the fabric. I used chalk paint and distressing on the frame, put the fabric covered board back inside and then was ready to add 'feet'.

I added these little birch tags as 'feet' for the tray using hot glue to stick them on.

My third project was to create some fun jars to hold my 'stuff'. I got these for 1.50 each at IKEA and gave them a few coats of Rustoleum Chalked spray paint.  They looked okay but I decided to distress them a bit and add some dark wax. I finished them off by wrapping some bakers string around the top neck part (guess I forgot to take a picture of that but you get the idea!).

My office 'nest' is now properly 'fluffed' and 'feathered'.

You don't need a separate mouse pad since the desk pad works as the mouse pad also!

Three fun jars to hold 'essentials'.

Add a little container of succulents and I'm all set to work.

And when I get tired of the fabric I chose . . . I can simply replace it on both the desk pad AND the tray.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Kitchen Cupboard Door Storage

My kitchen is small.  I really only have two small drawers to hold all of my 'tools' so I decided to try utilizing some of the cupboard door space to hold my measuring cups and spoons.

Once I removed the door and it's hinges, I gave it a coat of black, chalk paint.  You don't need to do this -- I just decided it's what I wanted.  You could cover it with pretty paper or all cork or just paint it a fun color.  I used molding that I already had and cut it to fit.  HINT:  Make sure it is shorter on each end so that the cupboard door will CLOSE.  You can probably imaging why I'm telling you this . . .

Also, you need to measure between the shelves in your cupboard and find the open space where your molding AND your utensils will hang without hitting the cupboard shelves.  

HINT #2:  Make sure you measure how long your cups and spoons will be and how far down THEY will hang so when you close the cupboard door, THEY won't hit the shelves.  You can probably imagine why I'm telling you this . . .

I decided I wanted a little cork board at the top.  Using old foamcore, I cut it to size and painted the edges with red paint to make them look nicer than just plain, white edges.
I attached some red ric-rac using double stick tape and attached the whole cork board with double stick tape.

Some old earrings were attached with E6000 to thumb tacks to hold recipes, photos, etc.  I love this old family photo.  That's ME in the high chair with my dad, mom and brother at Christmas.

So here's one of my "fails".  I didn't take into account the large hole at the top of the cups.  When the 1 cup measure hung down, it was 1/2" too LONG and hit the cupboard shelf (which couldn't be raised or lowered -- believe me, THAT would have been an easy solution!).  SO . . . I asked my handy neighbor who has every single tool and gadget ever created, if he could cut off the handle and drill a new hole.
Problem solved :)

Now my measuring cups and spoons are all within easy reach.  No more fumbling around in the drawer to find the right ones!