Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vintage Autograph Book

Recently I came across this autograph book in an antique store.  It belonged to a girl named "Bobby" and is dated 1947.  I was fascinated by the inscriptions and especially the little "diddies" that were written in it.
 Here Bobby's doctor signed her book after coming to her house to check on her when she had the measles.
 There are several pages signed by her teachers including this one (must have been an English teacher!)
 And her Homemaking Teacher (does anyone remember those??)
 I loved this one: "Two in a hammock ready to kiss.  All of a sudden they went like 'this' (and the word 'this' is turned upside down -- so cute!)
Other inscriptions included:
Look not for the color or beauty of skin
But look for the heart that is loyal within
For beauty will fade and skin will grow old
But a loyal heart will never grow cold
Who's that little girl
sitting on the fence
trying to make a dollar
out of ninety nine cents
Many of the pages include the full names and addresses and I plan to do some googling on them as they are all in Rhode Island.  Wouldn't it be fun to return Bobby's book to her or her family??
And on another topic, I'll be taking a break from blogging for one month.  Why?  Recently our pastor has been doing a series on The Beatitudes and while covering 'blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness', we were given a challenge:  Practice fasting from a legitimate pleasure for the sake of pursing righteousness.  He asked us to think about where our time was going and what the 'default' activity was when we have free time.  For me, blogging is the answer to both questions.  This doesn't mean that these legitimate pleasures are sinful . . . only that sometimes in the wrong amounts and at the wrong time, they 'spoil our appetite for holiness'.  I'm so glad that Matthew 5:6 says 'blessed are those who HUNGER and THIRST after righteousness' rather than ARE righteous because that sure would leave me out!  If you're interested in listening to these sermons you can access them for free HERE.  I'll be substituting my blogging with a study of the book of Ecclesiastes.
I will be responding to emails on my posts, just not visiting other blogs at this time but I'll be sure to get caught up in Mid-December!