Saturday, December 9, 2017

Indescribable Gift "Wreath"

If you're looking for some ideas for decorating your door, DAY NINE is the place for you.  You'll be inspired with so many wreath/door decorations!

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Reclaimed fence boards, napkins, Mod Podge and some ribbon are all it took to make this Christmas door piece.  I love working with napkins and am always on the look out for pretty ones to use in projects. 
I've made cards with them:
And most recently, I decorated this piece of fence for my garden this past summer

It's best to use the three-ply napkins (two white ply and then the decorated top ply)

See my garden fence post for details on separating the pieces of napkin.  Once you do, you can apply Mod Podge to the wood and then press the napkin down and apply more Mod Podge.  After this dried, I went over it lightly with my sander to rough up the edges a bit.

The three 'boxes' were put together by using screws.  I then wrapped the ribbon around the boxes and added a hanger at the top.

The extra large 'gift tag' was made from scrap wood and the verse printed on scrap paper which was then applied with Mod Podge and sanded after it was dry.  This was attached with a screw from the back as well.

Here's a close up of the napkins. They're transparent of course so you still see the wood grain through them which I like.  If you want a more 'solid' look, you can just paint the wood first.

The center box is the 'focus' so I added a bow to that. 

I'm not sure that everyone will 'get' that these are gift boxes but that's what was in my brain at 3:00 in the morning one night when I couldn't sleep!  Do you get some of YOUR best ideas in the middle of the night??

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  1. such beautiful creations!

  2. I like this idea! We live in an apartment now and the fire laws say we can't have anything on our door that isn't metal. I could hang one on the inside of my door though - they'd never know!

  3. I liked how you used pretty napkins in your unique wreath. I once attempted a decoupage project using napkins and it was a major crafting fail. Whoops!

  4. OH my, you are wonderfully creative! Those gift boxes are a great idea for a front door.
    Do I get my best ideas in the middle of the night? No, sometimes things will come to me when I am just lightly dozing just before I have to get song lyrics and I have to quickly get up and write them down!

  5. Wow, how unique! It turned out so great, love it!


  6. I love the wreath but I totally love the fence in the garden. That is adorable. I have never worked with napkins but now I am thinking I might need to give that a try. Thanks for the idea and for always having such a nice blog.

  7. Hi Lauren...your door decor turned out really cute and the never ending wreath creations are always so inspiring!

  8. I was thinking of using wood and mod podge for a sign on my wreath and then decided to just print on cardstock instead. I have never done it. Your gift box for the front door is different and unique. Such a pretty idea.

  9. aahh, that's a very special saying, indeed.


  10. Your decoupaged project is such a pretty idea, Lauren. You're so talented!

  11. This is so unique, I really love it!


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