Saturday, August 31, 2013

Save the Mice - Mousetraps Repurposed

I don't REALLY want to save the mice (sorry mouse lovers) but using the traps to hang pictures seems a bit kinder anyway.
 A few drawer fronts from the ReStore and some mousetraps create a fun way to display photos or your children's artwork.  I spaced the mousetraps so that you can hang pieces as large as 8X10 as seen here.  (These are prints I created for my son's apartment since he loves Billiards and Frisbee Golf)
 A coat of flat, black paint was followed by using graphite paper to transfer the numbers onto the traps.  I distressed them a little more after painting the numbers on.
 These are refrigerator magnets.  Tiny, high-powered magnets were attached to the backs using E-6000 glue.
 I'll be selling all of these at an upcoming show I'm doing.  I think they'd make great stocking stuffers too, don't you?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Re-Tooled Toolbox

 I'm getting ready to do my first 'craft' show in years so lots and lots of projects in progress.  This is one of my favorites.  It was the insert to my hubby's toolbox and he (gasp!) had thrown it in the trash!

A coat of Paris Gray Chalk Paint and this quote applied using this tissue transfer method . . .

A quick rub of some stain here and there . . .

and it's ready to go!

I have to admit I'm having to "gear" up my ego for this show.  Have you ever done a show?  If so, how do you handle the people who:

A.  Want your hard work for nothing and

B.  Ask you about every little detail of HOW you made this (often while taking pictures and copious notes!) and then walk away saying, "That is SO cute!  I can make that."

Any pitfalls you suggest I avoid?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tea Set Contest Win - Jessica Dotta

 I was so excited to win this beautiful tea set from Jessica Dotta during her 31 Days of Give Away!  

Included in the set are this exquisite tea pot,

 cream and sugar set and

 four cups and saucers.  

This prize package is part of the book launch of Born of Persuasion by Jessica.  I can so relate to this gal and her fascination with English society a la "Downton Abbey".  In her own words she says she was "born in the wrong century--except for the fact that she really likes epidurals and washing machines"This is her first novel and I can't wait to read it!

Visit her blog to enter the give aways each day.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

More Tissue Transfer On Wood

I've been busy making more signs using my super, simple tissue transfer method.  This one was claimed by my hubby for his office.
 I love working with words from the old hymns and then pairing them with Scripture.
 I'm quickly going through the reclaimed fence boards I have so I told my husband to be on the look out on trash day . . . he's such a good guy, I know he'll grab some from the curb if he sees them.
I also have a fairly good 'stash' of small, wooden plaques from thrift stores so I'm using those as well.
 Most of these and a few others will be listed in my Etsy Shop this afternoon.  All of the pieces are backed with fabric or decorative paper and come ready to hang.
 I will be happy to do custom plaques as well if you have a particular verse, quote or saying you like.  
Like I said, hymns are one of my favorite sources for quotes.  Where do you find your inspiration?