Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wine Cork Memo Board

An old flower box finally 'disintegrated' but the pieces are so wonderfully weathered and worn that there was no way they were going to waste.  One of them gained new life as this memo board.  Because the wood is so interesting, I decided to not completely cover it with the corks.
  The corks were attached with E6000 glue.  I didn't worry about making them fit perfectly (which would be almost impossible ANYWAY!).

 A champagne cork and a wine cork serve as hangers for keys, etc.  I simply inserted a screw from the back of the board, put a little E6000 on it and screwed the corks right on.

 Since the back of this wood was pretty rough, I traced it's shape onto a piece of fabric and using craft glue, attached the fabric to the back.  I wanted the push pins to be a bit more rustic so simply sprayed them with flat, black paint.

I still have several pieces of this wood from the planter so I'm planning a few more projects with them, including a few smaller versions of this board.  Guess I'll have to enjoy a bit more wine . . . for the corks, of course.