Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Goodwill Picture Makeover for Baby

The church I work at has a nursing moms room that needed a bit of help.  It actually was kind of like a dungeon lol.  On the wall facing the rockers is a large electrical box.  I decided that attaching a large picture to it would help tremendously.

This large picture was at Goodwill for 3.00.  I thought it was pretty as is but decided to add a Bible verse to it.

After choosing a simple script font, it was printed on copy paper and using tape, placed where I wanted the words to be.  

I started using my usual method of slipping a piece of graphite paper underneath the copy paper and tracing over the letters but soon realized the finish on the picture was grabbing the graphite and leaving smudges.  I switched to a lighter touch and it worked fine.  Any smudges left behind were easily removed with a slightly damp "magic eraser".

Typically I hand paint using black, acrylic paint and a fine brush.  The surface of the picture was pretty smooth so I was able to use a paint pen.  I bought a set of these on Amazon and I really like them for detail painting on smooth surfaces.

All of the little 'spots' you see are not paint, just the way this photographed.  It actually turned out really well!

My 3.00 picture was attached to the metal electrical box using Command velcro picture hangers.  A quick, inexpensive fix for an unsightly spot!