Monday, December 11, 2017

Interchangeable Panel Door Decor

I love walking around town and seeing how others decorate their porches. Every year I get new ideas.  It's DAY ELEVEN and that means you can sit right at your computer and get ideas for this year's porch or pin them for next year.

Welcome to the third annual 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!

Stop by every day from December first through the twelfth for new ideas you can use to make your season brighter!

Meet Your Hosts

They have all been busy as Elves creating, decorating, cooking and crafting tons of new ideas for you to try this holiday season!

This is the last of my vintage cupboard doors :(  I had six of these and have used them in various ways in various parts of the house. I love creating decorations that can be used for multiple holidays and this door fits that bill.  The snowflake panels are removable/changeable!
 Any cupboard door with panels will work.  For the inserts, I used old peel and stick tiles from my old kitchen floor.  Yuck, what else would you use these for??  Using an x-acto knife they were cut to fit and then wrapped in fabric.  Since these are going to be outside, I applied a coat of water sealing Mod Podge.  You can of course skip this step if your door will be inside.
 E6000  glue was used to attach the velcro pieces and the panels can then be popped in and out.  I plan on making other panels for different holidays.  The top panel was turned into a chalk board with spray on chalk paint.  (Don't forget to completely cover it in chalk several times, wipe off and repeat so the chalk will not leave an imprint)
 I had several of these vintage coat hooks so I screwed one in which will allow me to hang wreaths or other decorations on the door panel.
 A simple project that can be used for multiple holidays and seasons.
 This sled was my dad's when he was a boy.  He added the wooden frame when my brother and I were little and he used to pull us around in it.  Then my dad gave it to us when our son was born and we used it to pull our kids around!
 Here's my finished porch. I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is right around the corner! But don't we say that EVERY year??

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  1. Very clever idea with your vintage door. Extremely cool that you will be adding a new panel for each holiday. I'll keep an eye out!

  2. what a cool idea, I love multi season pieces,, that porch looks great and what a treasure that sleigh is,,

  3. I'm getting so much inspiration from all these ideas, Lauren!

  4. I love it....What a cool idea.

  5. Another great idea! Alas, we don't have a porch - or a cupboard door, but I would definitely do this one if we did!

  6. Looks very pretty and I love those cupboard doors. You created a very welcoming front door for your guest.

  7. Your porch looks great and I love that the decor is something that can stay up all winter!

  8. Your holiday porch decor is charming!

  9. Oh- What cute, cute, cute ideas! I am not doing as much this year- so much of my stuff is stored as we prepare to move in the Spring. xo Diana

  10. Such a neat idea and would save on storage. Your antique sled from your Dad is absolutely gorgeous, what a treasure.

  11. The blue and white is so pretty. I love the lights and the fun chalkboard. They are my favorite parts. I love it.

  12. I love that it's interchangeable, that is awesome.


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