Saturday, May 24, 2014

Before and Afters & A Stunning Bride

 I'm getting ready for a show in June so I've been working nonstop to get projects ready.  I've been blessed to have friends who often "gift" me with things they no longer want and this basket was one of them. (Bless you Sharon!)
I gave this one coat of homemade chalk paint inside and out.  After a light sanding I decided I didn't want to wax this piece -- I like the rustic, worn look and feel.
A little antique key adds a little extra charm, I think.
This chair was purchased for $4.00 at my first garage sale of the season.  Solid, clean lines made this perfect for adding a simple quote.  One coat of homemade chalk paint, some distressing and it was ready for the quote detail.

I printed out the words on my computer and then using graphite paper, traced them onto the chair.  I used a fine tipped brush and black acrylic paint and then sanded and applied a coat of wax.

Another bonus from my friend who gave me the basket . . . isn't she stunning?!  I believe she will be AT the sale as "eye candy" but she will not be PART of the sale.  I just don't think I could part with her.
But wouldn't this chair make a wonderful wedding gift?  Hopefully someone else will think so :)  Now back to the mountain of projects and furniture . . . at least the weather is warm and I can work on things outside which makes it even more enjoyable.  I definitely think the sound of singing birds makes the work go faster!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vintage Domed Glass Pictures

Now that we finally have warm weather, I've been working in my garage on some larger pieces for a show I'll be doing in June.  After a few hours in the heat (I am NOT complaining!) I decided to take a break and move inside to work on some smaller projects.
  I snagged these at my local thrift store over a year ago (it took me THIS long to get to them!) for $6.00 for the pair.  Looked like a simple repurpose to me until I took them apart and found that the pictures were GLUED to the domed glass.  Ahhhh . .  maybe I'll work on these another day . . . well today was the day.  I had to soak the glass in hot, soapy water and scrub, scrub, peel, scrub some more, all of the picture off of the glass. So the easiest part was painting the frames!
Just a few coats of Paris Gray chalk paint, some stain rubbed on, some sanding, some more paint and they were finished.

I found these graphics online and printed them on old, dictionary pages and mounted them on a simple black and white striped paper.

It was worth a little 'elbow grease' to get these finished.  Now back to work . . . how I LOVE these hot, summer-like afternoons!