Thursday, January 23, 2020

Valentine's Day Decor

I LOVE (pun intended) decorating for Valentine's Day.  Partly because it is so empty looking after the Christmas decorations come down and partly because it brings much needed cheer during the dreary months of January and February.  This little tree was in our bedroom at Christmas and is now in the bay window decked out in red and mostly handmade ornaments.  You can check out my chenille ornament post with instructions HERE and my vintage-style Valentine ornaments HERE.

My ledge in the living room always gets dressed for the holidays.  This year I added battery-operated red fairy lights. I got these on Amazon.  Love that they have a remote control with a bunch of different settings, a timer and a dimmer.  They are super long too - 33 feet!

This bird cage was my mom's.  I used it at Christmas but thought these little snow babies sharing a soda looked cute inside.

Can you believe that people used to give these giant cards for Valentine's Day? So beautiful!

Another set of the red fairy lights in my kitchen cabinet along with some DIY vintage valentine cards I made.

Did your Dollar Tree have these great, metal words? All three in a package for 1.00!? (The third one says 'XOXO')

More kitchen decor . . .

A few years ago when I re-did my kitchen, I removed the doors to the cabinets above the refrigerator. This is another fun spot to decorate for the holidays.

Winter has finally arrived here after a glorious delay while we enjoyed an extremely warm and dry December.  I'm not fond of this weather at all . . . best to try to stay inside as much as possible and keep warm.  That's my philosophy AND Hudson's . . .


Saturday, January 4, 2020

Valentine Tree DIY Ornaments

Christmas decorations have come down so for me, that means the Valentine decorations must go up.  Everything looks too bare and sad once Christmas is over so I begin decorating right away for Valentine's Day.  The first thing I'm sharing with you is my little kitchen tree.  This was in my kitchen for Christmas so I just left the red bead garland on and made some Valentine decorations.

I simply printed out tiny images of vintage valentine cards. To give them stability, I attached them to what I had on hand . . . a sheet of cork with peel off adhesive.  You could use more card stock as well and just glue them on.  

I had this cute felt, scalloped ribbon from the Target dollar spot so I attached that to the edges of the little cards.

I am always on the look out for old keys.  This summer I picked up a giant bag of them at an estate sale for just a few dollars.  The heart 'ribbon' was also from Target so I cut the hearts apart and attached them to the keys with string.  The jewels were from an old strand of 'something' that I had in my stash so I wired those to keys.

These ornaments cost me zero since I printed the cards and had everything else on hand.  You could embellish these with anything - it's a great project for using up those 'bits and pieces' of embellishments you have in your stash.

I'm not a big 'after Christmas shopper' but I do tend to pick up extra light sets and anything that is red, white or pink that could be used for Valentine decor.  I'll also grab a few sets of red and blue lights (patriotic decor) and green (St. Patrick's Day) and some other colors to use for Easter.

The cheery reds, whites and pinks help one of our most dreary months here a little bit easier to bear!

More Valentine decor to come . . .