Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Vintage Kitchen Christmas

DAY TEN was probably MY most challenging post because I am not a "table-scaper" like so many others!  My house is small so no big, formal dining room, etc. to feature but I DO love my retro kitchen so that was my focus! Enjoy gathering more inspiration from others who ARE veteran 'scapers'!

Welcome to the third annual 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!

Stop by every day from December first through the twelfth for new ideas you can use to make your season brighter!

Meet Your Hosts

They have all been busy as Elves creating, decorating, cooking and crafting tons of new ideas for you to try this holiday season!

I did not want to spend money to do this so I 'shopped' my house.  The vintage tablecloth was a favorite find a few years ago and I added a few strips of cloth, trimmed with pinking shears in a 'cross' pattern over the table (think "package").

These vintage dishes were my SUPER find two years ago at an antique store where everything Christmas-related was 50% off!  I got ten place settings, serving bowls, serving platters, creamer and sugar for . . . 25.00!  They are called Termocrisa Milk Glass made in Mexico.  Recently I saw a set of eight (no serving pieces) going for over 250.00.  Yep, I think I stole these!
The napkin 'rings' are just the same fabric from the table pieces, hot glued together and then I added a Christmas pick.
The centerpiece is an old wooden 'sled' decoration that was headed to the thrift store so it was rescued and enlisted for this table.  
The jars on the sled are recycled.  I brushed on Mod Podge and rolled in Epsom Salts.  A ribbon and some more Christmas pics turn these into lovely, little candle holders.

Be sure to visit our fellow 12 Days of Christmas Bloggers below for even more creative ideas this holiday season!
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  1. its beautiful! The Poinsettia theme is amazing !!

  2. Oh it's beautiful Lauren! I would never have known that you struggled with this day, it looks like you do tablescapes all the time! I love those dishes, I would love to find a set of vintage Christmas dishes!

    I struggled a little bit with my table too, I knew what I was going to do and it seemed simple enough but it took ALL.DAY. I have no idea why it took so long! lol!


  3. Hi Lauren!
    I like so much how you have decorate your dining room for Christmas time! Here it's snowing!

  4. Definitely looks festive - and some great ideas. Your dishes were definitely a steal.

  5. What a festive table! The lovely milk glass Christmas dishes are a fabulous score!

  6. I am loving your vintage table setting, Lauren. It's festive and merry. Your vintage dishes are pretty. I thought they might be milk glass, as it looks like it. Off to check out your recent posts. : )


  7. Love the look and the price ---- unbelievable! I love dishes and just bought myself a set of Spode Christmas melamine. Happy new week!

  8. I love, love, love those vintage dishes, Lauren!! Your table looks so pretty!! I would've been jumping up and down with joy at the price of those dishes. I still use the Christmas dishes that my late beloved and I searched for at Target, way back in the late 80's. I'll have to send you a picture, because I set my table with them.

  9. I also went pale at the thought of having to do a tablescape. Its good to be challenged I guess because your vintage table is very very nice and your dishes are gorgeous. Love this.

  10. And I loved that you "shopped" your house instead of going out and buying stuff! Now THAT is impressive!

    1. Thank you Jean - it's amazing what you can find when you look around with 'fresh' eyes!

  11. Your vintage dishes really are a steal! I've always wanted Christmas dishes but never wanted to invest a lot into something we'd only use once a year... and then I'd have to find a place to store them!


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