Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guest Essentials Suitcase

I am still adding to my "vintage travel" themed guest room/study and scored this suitcase for $1.90.  Two coats of gray chalk paint later it was looking better.  I added a graphic of an old compass, distressed and waxed to finish it off outside.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ultimate Outdoor Decor

On a recent day trip we decided to avoid the highways and take the back roads home.  I was driving so when I spotted this yard on the other side of the divided highway, I just HAD to find a place to turn around and head back to take a closer look!  On this beautiful property, they had created what I call Ultimate Outdoor Decor!  To the right of the pond was this 'scene'.  On one side this Cadillac and camper.
On the other, this "filling station", pick-up truck and Model T. How perfectly lovely and creative!! 

Wouldn't it be SO fun to decorate this little building for the holidays and seasons?? (Maybe they do!)
My parents had one of these Cadillacs with the fins on the back and we pulled campers like this on many childhood vacations.

Had a little fun with editing these with Picmonkey.  I'm thinking this Model T picture would be fun to use on a card.  
In the afternoon we were getting hungry so when we pulled into Lansing, Indiana and I saw a sign that said, "Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop", I knew that's where I wanted to eat! BEST fried chicken, catfish, mashed sweet potatoes and plantains I've ever had!  The decor was adorable and many of their light fixtures were made from old watering cans...
and old potato chip cans.  They simply cut out the bottoms and inserted the light fixture attachment into the containers -- so cute!
I'd encourage you that the next time you have to make a drive somewhere, find the back roads . . . you're sure to see some fun, interesting and unusual sites.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back from my Hiatus with a Give Away!

I took some time off from blogging but I'm back and am pleased to return with a riddle and a give away.
So, what does

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

College Packing

I've taken a few weeks off from blogging to simply enjoy and savor the summer with my family because in just a few weeks our daughters will be returning to college for their Senior year.  Getting ready for their move back has changed a lot over these past three years.  Let's just say that packing has become simpler and much more pared down from Freshman year!  With this in mind, I thought I'd try to help those of you who are new to this so you can maybe avoid some of the pitfalls.  

Rule Number One:  Just because YOU think they'll need it/use it, doesn't mean THEY will!  Many of the things I sent with my son the first time around, and then again with my daughters thinking surely THEY will use it, are still in original boxes/wrapping in my basement.  When our twin daughters went off to college, we rented a cargo van and removed all but one row of seats.  In the picture below, we still had things to put inside.  This year, they're taking Amtrak back with a suitcase.  Hubby and I will drive our Camry down with the rest of their things a few days later once they're settled into their apartment.

Keep in mind, this was a CARGO van and when we finished loading, it was full from top to bottom to sides.

Rule Number Two:  If they were "neat" at home, they probably won't be at school and in the same vein, if they were "sloppy" at home, they'll probably be even more sloppy at school.  Therefore, don't spend a lot of money on really expensive, cool, cute linens, furniture and accessories.  Wait.  Observe on that first Parent Weekend.  Then decide if you want to invest in those things.  Most dorm rooms will start out looking like this . . .
and end up like this anyway . . .
Rule Number Three:  Don't waste precious packing space with tons of extra towels, sheets and blankets.  You'll be lucky if they change the sheets once a semester, let alone once a week.  And cute matching hand towels -- forget them.  A few towels, a few washcloths -- they don't even know what a hand towel is used for.  

Rule Number Four:  Learn to close your eyes and your nose when you visit them for the first time.  You don't have to live there (thank goodness!), they do.

Now granted, these may not apply to YOUR kid but having talked with lots of other parents, these seem to be fairly universal and apply to both boys and girls.  All of this being said, here are a few things that we discovered WERE helpful to have. While of course there are other things they'll need like sheets, shampoo, school supplies, these are things we discovered SHOULD be taken:

Laptop (don't bother with a printer - almost every college provides free printing services throughout the campus)
Digital camera
Extension cords (long ones) and surge protector
Desk Lamp
Laundry Bag and supplies (just detergent and fab. softener -- they probably won't use anything else!)
Paper plates, cups and plastic silverware
Mattress Pad
Fan (much to my surprise, most dorm rooms are NOT air conditioned)
Shower caddy
(Girls) Flip flops for showering in (dorm showers are gross)
Small med. kit that you put together with things your kid will actually use
Command hooks and Sticky Tack
Nail clippers
Febreeze (eventually they DO get tired of the smell in the room)
Rolls of quarters for laundry
Broom & dustpan (eventually they WILL have to sweep)
Trash can (eventually they WILL put things in it)

And let me just say that if you thought the first twelve years of school flew by . . . you ain't seen nothin' yet!