Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Baby Blankets & Burp Cloths


We are expecting our first grandchild!  A precious, little baby boy in May!  And we are SO excited!  I used to sew for my three kids all the time and now I'm getting to sew for a little one again and let me tell you, it is SO much fun!  Aside from buntings, I've been working on blanket and burp cloth sets.  I did some research and found that the kidney shaped cloths are preferred so that's the shape I went with.  There are lots of tutorials but I found that this one from Mabey She Made It to have the most helpful suggestions as well as a pattern to download.  I chose to use flannel for the cloths and blankets.  Be sure to wash and dry your fabric to pre-shrink.

I enlarged the pattern a bit to make a larger "kidney shape" but these are SO simple!  Just cut out two pieces, pin right sides together and stitch leaving an opening to turn.  Before turning though, I zig-zagged the edges and clipped the curves.  After it was pressed, I stitched 1/8" from the entire edge.  (I'll give you the amounts of fabric I used at the end of this post.)

For the blankets, I used two coordinating flannels.  I first cut the front of the blanket to the size I wanted.  Mine was 38" Wide by 43" Long.  Next, cut the back (which will also be the binding) 3" LARGER in BOTH length and width from the front piece.  So my back piece was 44" Wide by 49" Long.

Begin creating the back/binding (See photos above).  The first photo is just showing you how I trimmed the pieces to size.  Next, fold the edges in 1.5" all the way around and press.  Then, fold in again 1.5" all the way around and press.

To create mitered corners:  Unfold so you just have the first 1.5" fold open.  Using a ruler, mark down each side from the corner 3" and mark.  Draw a line from mark to mark as seen in second photo.  Now fold bringing lines together and stitch on the line.  Trim seam.  NOW, if this makes NO sense to you ignore all of my instructions and just watch this video . . . I'M a visual learner so this was super helpful!

Once your corners are all mitered and your binding is neatly pressed, you're ready to insert the front panel of your blanket.

Lay the front panel under the binding edges.

Start at the top edge and work side to side, smoothing and pinning the panel into the binding.  You want to take your time on this part, making sure the panel is even and flat. 

BASTE the panel first.  This way, if you get to the bottom edge and the panel is not fitted in properly or flat, you can just remove the basting and re-position the panel.  Another tip, don't baste all along . . . it will take you FOREVER to remove even the large basting stitches.  Instead, baste 5 or 6 stitches, lift your presser foot and pull forward 4-5 inches, baste a few more stitches, pull forward, etc. which is what you see above.

After basting, press carefully, making sure there are no bumps and the panel is flat.  Then you can stitch close to the inner edge of the binding and remove your basting.

These are so fun and easy to make and tied with some extra fabric, make such a cute baby gift!  The blankets and burp cloths are double thickness so super soft!

One final touch, each blanket is stitched with my "Love" Grandma Z design

Here are the amounts of fabric I used to make 3-4 burp cloths and one blanket:

Fabric A (Blanket Front and fronts of two burp cloths): 2 yards

Fabric B (Blanket Back/Binding and fronts of two burp cloths): 2.5 yards

Fabric C (Backs of one to two burp cloths):  2/3 yard


  1. Congratulations!
    So happy for you!
    All the( Blue ) Hearts coming your way!

  2. Such wonderful news, Lauren! Congratulations!!!

  3. Oh Lauren congrats on becoming a new grandma and grandpa. Just when you think you could not love any one more than your own child they give you a grandbaby and your heart explodes. You will see what I mean in May!!! Love the little blanket and burp clothes. How sweet grandma to be is making something for that sweet little guy to come. Have a great rest of the week.

  4. What exciting news, Lauren!! I’ve made so many burp cloths for my grands, using the kidney shape and flannel. My one daughter in law chose a fox print and I made a changing pad and a wipes case out of it, but it was minky fabric. Your blanket turned out great, and I love your signature! ❤️

  5. OH Lauren How very wonderful for you! Your grandma fingers have been busy! I love the things that you are creating for him and thank you for the tutorial!!

  6. Oh Lauren, what a darling little blanket! Indeed, your little one will be well equipped with plenty of burp cloths (and boy, do they need them) and then this soft, perfect piece that I hope lasts a lifetime!

  7. Congratulations, Lauren! I love these blankets and burp cloths - and even enjoyed reading through the link you provided. I had no idea burp cloths had come so far! Your signature on the blankets made me smile. What a sweet touch.

  8. Congrats! You did a great job and those burp cloths are SOOO handy and you can never have too many of them. How wonderful to have a baby to sew for. I miss that. xo Diana

    1. Thank you so much Diana! I wanted to let you know that when I got notice of your comment, there is no link to reply or visit your blog.

  9. Congratulations! Being a grandma is the best role you can have...I have three little boys now and they're the best.

  10. Congratulations, Lauren! Your new grandson is blessed to have such a talented grandmother.

  11. Oh, you will be a Grandma soon - congratulations, Lauren! These cloths for the baby are too cute, and they are always needed. I am loving the animals theme, especially that sweet Fox. You will have so much fun being a Grandma. I have been making Easter bags for the little ones, and having fun as well. What a wonderful time in your life, Lauren. So happy for you.


  12. I'm so happy for you, Lauren, congratulations. You're creating treasures here, so pretty, and I love the fabrics you've chosen.

  13. I love your Heart GrandmaZ signature on your quilts, etc. and Congratulations on soon being a grandma!


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