Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Don't Toss Those Cards!

  Each year I receive so many beautiful cards (as I'm sure all of you do as well) so rather than put them in a drawer or toss them out, I want to offer some ideas on what to do with them.  One of my new favorites is creating gift boxes to use next year like the one above.  Here's a simple tutorial:
 First cut off the card front (The size you cut will determine the size of your box).  Lay the card front on a coordinating piece of card stock and trace.  Cut out the card stock.
 Then trim 1/8" off of one long side and one short side.
 Now you need to score each side of the card front (Lid) and the card stock (box bottom).  3/4" - 1" is what I usually do on these but you can create a deeper box if you make the score lines larger.
 Fold on the score lines and cut each of the four flaps on top and bottom.
 Use a very sticky, double sided tape (such as Red Liner seen above) on each flap, folding to form the box top and bottom.
 This lovely card is from my blog buddy Diane at Lavender Dreams.  She's a dear, dear gal with a wonderful blog -- can you guess what part of the country she lives in?  I lined the inside of the box with decorative paper and added the little bow in the lid.
 A rhinestone was a perfect embellishment for the lighthouse!
 This one was perfect with a red box bottom.

 I added the glitter band using the red liner tape, sprinkling on ultra fine glitter, rubbing it in and then shaking off the excess.
 This one also got a stamped message inside.
 You can use the sentiment from the outside or inside of the card and put it inside the box for a special message.
 This card had the cute, small picture on the back of the discarded part so I cut it out to use for a tag.
These are addicting but here are some additional suggestions for using your cards from any season:

Cut off card fronts and attach to card stock to create new card

Cut off card fronts and make post cards out of them to use as Thank You notes after the holiday

Make gift tags for the following year

Attach to the front of those store bags to cover the store logo on the bag

Place cards in a basket kept handy at dinner time.  Pray for each family/sender throughout the year

Put the cards (especially photo cards) and family update letters in a binder.  This serves as a great little ‘scrapbook’ of family and friends.

I attach the photo cards inside my kitchen cabinets.  It’s a fun way to remember family and friends every day of the year!

And from Pinterest:

Make photo cards into coffee table booklets by punching holes and adding rings (Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl)

Cut into small shapes and hang to twig tree in a pot.  Ask holiday guests to sign backs and/or leave a message. (Martha Stewart)

Jar lids(S.C.R.A.P.) 

Make Christmas coasters (Bella Crafts Quarterly)


 So tell me, what do YOU do with your holiday cards?

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Use Your Drawers!

 After years of trying to figure out how to display my Christmas cards it hit me . . . a drawer!  I've been decorating my drawers for the holidays for a few years now . . . it's a great way to decorate if you have a small space like I do.
The drawers are already there and make a perfect spot for adding a touch of holiday cheer.  This drawer is in a buffet in my dining room.
This one is in a little side table by my sofa.
And the cards are in a small table next to an end chair.  
So how do you display your Christmas cards?  I'll be back next week with some ideas for how to use those cards so don't toss them out!
Merry Christmas!
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