Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Outdoor Foot Wash

I saw this idea on Buzzfeed but the original source was Marthastewart.com and thought it was a perfect way to help keep my kitchen clean, especially after I've been working in the garden or walking through freshly mowed grass.  No "mudroom" means my kitchen ends up being the "mudroom".
I've never really MADE anything with wood and nails so while the information above may be 'old news' to some, it was 'new news' to me so I thought I'd include it.
The fence boards were free from my boss when he replaced his old fence.  I took one panel but wish I'd taken more!  One panel gave me about 8 of these great, weathered boards.
The shells just added a nice, summery touch.
If you're making one of your own and using untreated wood, you'll want to seal it with deck/fence sealer.  I didn't do anything with this wood since it was already treated.
I'm pretty pleased with my first "hammer, nail and sawing" project and I know it's going to save me a lot of cleanup on the INSIDE of the house this summer!


  1. Yay for you...I'm impressed :) Great idea!!

  2. What a great idea!!! Rinse off the kids after playing in the sand box!!!

  3. Bonjour,
    C'est une bien riche idée que celle-ci ! bravo et merci de la partager avec nous.
    En plus c'est très joli dans le jardin...
    Gros bisous

  4. Fabulous idea!! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  5. I'm over from French Country Cottage and I just adore this idea! I'd love to try this, would have to hook up the hose and keep it on, but I will work on it...thanks for this, great idea!

  6. LOL....just talked to the housemate who has the wood on the side of the house and I have two buckets of very small river stones which I always wanted to use for an Acupressure Foot Path, to walk barefoot, but never got round to making it, so will use those! Love this, am making it on Saturday, ;D:D:D love blogland.

  7. Wouldn't that be wonderful to have if you and I both lived at the beach and came home with sand between our toes! We can dream....can't we? I love it! Hugs!

  8. What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing this at TTF this week!


  9. I am pinning this idea to my Pinterest beach board....love it!!! And some day if I have get that beach house, I will make one myself. Have a super sweet weekend.

  10. I've seen this idea in various places too. Great that you made one. I'm visiting from Cottage Garden Party.

  11. I'm impressed and what a great idea! I'm most impressed your husband gave you a circular saw at Christmas and that you know how to use it.

    Bravo! Bravo!

    Great project and post.

    PS. Thanks so much for stopping by to congratulate the winners of my giveaway...of course I'm sorry I could not give away a gift to all. :(
    But thank you for your support...much appreciated. :)

  12. Great idea-functional and cute!! :)

  13. I 'm impressed you can use power tools. The foot wash is a great idea.

  14. What a great idea after working in the garden!
    Yay! for power tools. You rocked it for your first project!
    Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday Link Party!
    Hope your week is extraordinary!

  15. Great project. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.

  16. This is a great tutorial and I love the finished project. I bet those stones are nice and relaxing on your feet after a long day of working outside!

    We would love for you to link this up with us at Living Well Spending Less! You can link up any of your thrifty projects each Thursday - we would love to have you join us! http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/category/thrifty-thursday/

  17. This is so smart I would love to make one of these and your tutorial is great! I would love if you would share this at my linking party http://www.fidlersunderoneroof.com/2013/06/fidlin-fridays.html

  18. Love this idea. I could use something like this too...and I'm impressed you used a circular saw! It looks smaller than the one my husband has. Do you mind me asking what kind it is? I would really love to learn to use one!

  19. "Faerie Cottage and Garden" blog sent me over.

    What a wonderful idea!!!

    Wishing you a lovely Midsummer's Eve!!!

  20. Laurie, I made that post about my version of this foot wash, loving it and thankin you. I had not seen this before and blogging ladies sharing is just so awesome! thanks, lady

  21. That is so neat, Lauren! Now if only outdoor water was heated. lol But I do looove this my husband! Thanks so much for sharing!


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