Sunday, June 2, 2013

Decorating With Spring Flowers

  It may not FEEL like spring here in the Midwest but my Peonies are FINALLY starting to open.  I think they're rebelling against the cold and wet weather.  With a break in the rain, I decided to cut the first blooms and start bringing their delicious scent inside to enjoy.
 Once I brought them inside, I realized that my Heuchera blooms perfectly matched the beautiful pink centers of the Peonies!
After cutting some stems to add to this arrangement, I decided to add them to the bottles in my bay window (I had a single fern stem in them to begin with).
I've collected these vintage bottles over time and love putting just a single stem in each.
Heuchera is such a great perennial!  I only have this one variety but there are SO many different colors of leaves and blooms and they are very hardy, even with our harsh winters!
I know there is beauty in EVERY season but I couldn't help but be awed by the beauty and detail of the Peony.  What an amazing God we have!


  1. Oh Lauren, I love your arrangements. Your peonies are beautiful and I love your collection of vintage bottles with a single bloom in each!:)

    How I long for summer now:)


  2. The small bottles are perfect for your window sill. I love the big peonies, too! They are blooming here, too. My mother in law has some big white blooms! Hugs!

  3. Your little bloom bottles are so pretty. I love simple things like that too. A single flower in a jar is beautiful.

  4. So pretty! Our peonies finally bloomed this year. I missed the peonies at our old house so my M.I.L donated some of hers.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to enter my 5th Anniversary giveaway! Deadline extended until Friday!


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