Sunday, June 9, 2013

To Clean . . . Or Not To Clean?

Well if we're talking about my HOUSE, I'd say NOT, especially if I have projects I'd rather work on.  But in this case, I'm talking about vintage silverplate like this beautiful server I bought at an estate sale this weekend.

 Just look at all of that pretty detail!  And it's quite a substantial piece measuring 12" long.

I suppose if you were going to actually use it for serving food, it would be a good idea to polish it . . . maybe?  I decided to part with this and it's in my Etsy shop so I'll leave it up the the buyer if they want it shiny or as is.
So what's your 'policy' about vintage silver and silverplate?


  1. Nice piece. I like to use toothpaste on old silverplate. It brightens it up, but leaves a bit of the patina.

  2. I love the patina as is Lauren, but maybe try Rosemary's suggestion and see what happens. We might be pleasantly suprised:)

  3. It's so pretty, and even if you did polish it, it would just tarnish again. I think it's a good idea to leave it up to the buyer and then you don't have to put any extra labor into it. I'm sure it will sell right away.

  4. Hi Lauren! I tend not to polish...staying with the shabby theory :) And...ha, ha...less work!

    Vintage xo,


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