Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seasonal Bottles

 I love collecting bottles of all shapes and sizes.  I rotate these in and out of my bay window for different seasons.  Today was a "blue" day -- the sky is finally clear blue and it feels like summertime.
Sometimes all it takes is a single bloom (or in this case, fern) to make a bold statement.
You can do this with any food coloring.  Fill all of your containers with water.  Add lots of food coloring to your darkest bottle or vase first and stir with a skewer.  Then add a single drop to each of the other containers, stirring with the skewer.  Now, simply empty part of the water in each remaining bottle and refill with water.  Keep dumping and adding water until you get the desired gradations of color.  
This was just a simple 3-shade display but it's really fun with lots of bottles and lots of different shades of the color!
I change out the flowers and the colors of water from time to time.  Here are a few of the ways I've displayed these.
So many options and so many possibilities for an eye-catching arrangement using jars, bottles, vases and a single bloom!

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  1. Une manière très originale de donner de la couleur et avec tant de beauté...
    De très jolies photos... tout comme votre publication...
    Gros bisous

  2. A simple idea, with a brilliant impact. They look like jewelry.

  3. wonderful idea! thanks for sharing at TTF!

  4. Lauren! What an adorable idea. I wish my sink faced a window :-(


  5. I love old bottles...and pretty unusual bottles! This is a great way to change them up and keep them fresh! I like to stick seashells in the top of some of mine! lol Hugs!

  6. Love the bottles you used! And the simple fern leaf is beautiful. -Aimee

  7. Love old bottles! Yours are lovely and so beautifully displayed with the colored water.

  8. So pretty! I love all the different colors! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  9. Those are so sweet and truly lovely in their simplicity.

  10. What a great idea! They all look different depending on how much food coloring you added...very clever.

  11. That is pretty Lauren. I love the different colors! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  12. Now, why didn't I think of that!!!LOL! Adding food coloring is perfect, I love them!



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