Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tea Party Menu and Recipes

While enjoying a nice cup of Provence Rooibos tea, I just uploaded a link for you on my "Tea" page.  It contains my standard tea party menu as well as all of the recipes.  Now I definitely 'tweak' this menu depending on the time of year, occasion, etc. but this gives you a great starting place for YOUR next tea party!  Remember -- a tea party can be just you and your best friend, a few of the neighbors or a large gathering that includes ladies from every part of your life.  I personally love doing the latter and enjoy having all of my friends meet each other and enjoy making new friends.  Remember too that your tea party can be as simple as scones and a few accompaniments with a pot of tea.  Are you going to take the tea challenge?  If you do -- send me pictures!

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