Sunday, March 20, 2011

Frames, Frames, Frames - Part 2

Like I said yesterday -- I AM a sucker for frames!  Our bedroom (like all of the rooms in our home) is SMALL but I wanted a focal point on this wall that was eye-catching but would not overwhelm this small space.   I did this 'frame' collage in our bedroom by spray painting all of the frames the same color to unify them.  If you're doing this, really seek out frames with different textures -- this makes the design really pop!

Now here's a little trick for getting the layout just right.  Since these frames were relatively small and few in number, I traced each frame onto news print, cut them out and then laid them out on the floor in different arrangements.  Once I found the arrangement I liked, I got a larger piece of paper, taped each paper 'template' into the proper place, measuring for spacing, etc. and marked the place where each nail would have to go.  I taped the large template up on the wall and 'punched' through the paper with a pencil making all the marks where the nails needed to go.   Sure saves a lot of frustration and extra holes on your wall!

Give it a try -- send me YOUR unique ways to use old frames and I'll post them here!

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