Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Information on my Tea Parties Page

There is so much information I want to share about tea so today I thought I'd just begin with a little fun background on the tradition of afternoon tea as well as some basic brewing instructions.  I've also included some links to a few of my favorite tea sites that you'll want to visit so you should hop on over to my Tea Parties Page and check it all out.  I'm enjoying a lovely cup of Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea as I type!  Now mind you, I still love my coffee (as evidenced by the bags and bags of beans in my cupboard that won't last longer than a month!) but there is just something so special and soothing about a cup of tea, especially when you treat yourself and serve it up in a special cup . . . and even use the saucer instead of the old, chipped mug you got on one of your vacations five years ago.

I've acquired a nice collection of vintage teacups and saucers, mostly through Ebay and local thrift stores.  There's something so inviting about sitting down to a table where each cup, saucer and dessert plates is unique and different!  Every time I host a tea, the ladies all get so excited walking around and choosing which cup and saucer they want to use.  My sweet husband surprised me last year and bought me two cup/saucer display racks for my kitchen, hung them and then dug out eight of my sets and put them on display!  I rotate them out every so often and I USE them whenever I can.  It's no fun to have pretty things if you don't use them!  

So the next time you're out haunting the thrift stores or flea markets, keep your eyes peeled for that beautiful little cup and saucer and start your own collection!

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