Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Give me a Z! A BIG Z!"

If you have a Hobby Lobby store near you and you've never visited the "90% off Aisle" . . . you're missing A LOT of bargains!  On my most recent trip I found this 12" tall resin letter "Z" (this letter is always in abundance in any clearance section!) and since my last name begins with "Z" . . . I grabbed it . . . for $1.00.  
 This is what it looked like BEFORE.  (The top metal letter was marked down to 60 cents and the ceramic to 40 cents so I couldn't pass those up either!)
There was an issue though.  There was a big crack that went completely through the top.  But with a little bit of Gorilla Glue, followed by some wood putty and a little bit of sanding, it was pretty sturdy.  
 I then gave it a coat of primer and after that dried, it was ready for two coats of Behr Perfect Pearl paint which I applied using a sponge brush.

The cracked area was still a little bit unsteady so I decided to take some twine and wrap the "Z" in different areas and where the crack was, made the twine extra tight and that did the trick!
I'm pretty pleased with my $1.00 letter that is going to go in a new grouping in a recessed "nook" I have in my living room that is looking rather bare.  I'll post pictures of it when it's complete!


  1. i love letters ~ great that you can always find your Z's on clearance ~ my last name starts with an M, so not the case for me!!
    thanks for commenting on my apothecary jar ~ the spraypaint i used was rustoleum heirloom white!

  2. I didn't know there was a 90% off area!! I will have to try to find it, I don't know my hobby lobby very well but now I am itching to go check it out!


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