Friday, March 25, 2011

"Hymns/Music and Shelves Wall" -- Complete!

After much 'trial and error' the pediment shelves and hymn/music collection are up on my dining room wall!  The metal bicycle was there (minus the ivy) looking very lonely and forlorn so it's very happy to have company.  

I needed one more "piece" for the shelves so I got this cute little frame for 1.00 (which was originally white), painted it black and added the quote from Martin Luther.  The metal "nest" tealight holders I had and painted them black adding little pearls with gorilla glue.

Originally the frame on top with all of the Bible verses featuring the word "Sing" was white but I decided it looked better black so I painted over the white.  The little ceramic bunnies were $1.00 each at Hobby Lobby and I couldn't resist them.  They were meant for Easter but gosh, I don't know -- maybe they'll live there all year 'round!

Here are the tealight holders BEFORE.  The little vase I haven't found a spot for but I'll show you what I did with it too.  
Here you can better see the pearls.  These were from an old necklace I had that broke so I saved all the pearls.

I kept the mini vase the same because I already love the finish but the green velvet ribbon didn't work for me.  I took fine beading wire and more old beads I had and created this beaded handle.
Here's the handle "in progress" -- really simple and takes just a few minutes!

Well, that's one "empty" wall down and a few more to go!  Total cost for this was not even $8.00 -- Woo Hoo!  Back to work!


  1. love the cute frame you got and all the decoration on the shelves!!

    Im blog hopping from creative bloggers' party

    Susan @

  2. Those shelves with the different items are awesome! Thank you for sharing :)


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