Saturday, March 2, 2013

FREE Prescription Eyeglasses

 Recently I was contacted by and asked to try out their prescription glasses and this is the pair I chose.  Even at the original cost of $23.00, these would be a steal! They are a beautiful pair of frames that fit so comfortably and I was equally impressed with the 'extras' that were included.
 I've ordered from online companies before and the cases I've received were flimsy and hard to open.  These came with a really nice, sturdy case, a pretty velvet-like drawstring bag and eyeglass cleaning cloth.
 And one of the coolest things of all was this little screwdriver set for your key chain with both a flat head and philips head for tightening the screws on your eye glasses!
And now for the BEST part of all . . . as a first-time customer you can get a pair of glasses FREE!
Even if you're paying for their glasses, you'll still only pay between $10.00 and $30.00 on average . . . that's frames, lenses, case . . . everything!  Choose from metal frames, plastic, mixed materials and more.  So what do you need to get your free pair of glasses?  Just a prescription.  What I have done is gone to have an eye exam and asked for my prescription in writing to take with me.  
Once you have that in hand, you simply follow the easy instructions, plugging in the numbers from your prescription after choosing your frames.  Firmoo does a great job of walking you through the process.  
 Another great and helpful feature is that you can upload and store an image of yourself and actually "try on" each pair of glassesIn doing this, I already knew that I'd like how these look on me.
So do I have any complaints with Firmoo?  Only one and part of the error was mine when ordering my glasses.  They give you the option of choosing your glasses for 1) Distance, 2) Near or 3) Computer.  I chose computer thinking that would be a 'combo' of both.  It's not.  These glasses can only be used for reading and computer but are blurry for distance.  The next pair I get will be for distance as I think that's what I really wanted.  
So, what have you got to lose?  Click on this link and get your first pair of glasses FREE

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  1. Awesome--I need some new glasses!

  2. I have wondered about doing this and about this company. I desperately NEED a new pair of reading glasses. Sweet hugs!

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  4. I remember the days when it was such a chore to choose new glasses. It's great to hear that there's an option to make the process easier. You did a great job choosing yours Prescription Eyeglasses.

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