Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Faux Four-Leaf Clover Print

 The idea for this came from Sherry at The Charm of Home.  Sherry just did a great post called "A Hint of Spring" where she featured a REAL pressed four-leaf clover that she framed.  I thought it was such a cute idea but of course, I don't just happen to have any four-leaf clovers laying around the house so I decided to make one.

 I used fake ivy leaves because they had the nice "vein" patterns on them.  I peeled off the plastic "vein" from the back of the leaf first.  Using a little template, I traced the shapes onto the back of the leaf, centering them over the light lines and cut them out.
 To achieve that white 'squiggle' on each leaf, I used a fine point, paint pen.  The trick here is to immediately blot and rub the white lines before they dry so it doesn't look too fake.  The leaf below on the left was rubbed off, the one on the right was not so you can see the difference it makes.
 Once I had the leaves cut, I attached them to book pages that I distressed with some rubber stamps/images.  For the stem, I took a thin piece of green card stock and crumpled it, twisted it and then attached it to the picture.
 I made a few of these to place around the house for St. Patrick's Day but you could certainly leave them up all spring and summer.
 Thanks Sherry for the inspiration!
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  1. Oh, Lauren your good. I would never have thought of creating the four leaf clover with another plant leaf like that. So smart! Thank you for the credit. Your clovers look very pretty.
    Have a great week!

  2. Sherry's are so smart !!!! I love this girl ........NOW off to make mine... I sure love your blog sister .

  3. Great job on the clovers, Lauren. You're right. They can be left up all year as works of art.

  4. Gorgeous! I'm going to try this out for my St. Patty's day shelves this year.

  5. This is adorable! You could actually use it all the way through Spring.

  6. What a great idea...it turned out so beautiful!....

  7. I would never think to try to make one...what a great idea! Enjoy your evening! Sweet hugs!

  8. The 4 leaf clover looks so sweet with the ephemera, Love the look! I am new following and look forward to visiting soon! xo Pam

  9. Very attractive - great job. Love the frame too .
    Love your background on your blog ... nice!


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