Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two-Ingredient Cake!

 Hard to believe, I know but it's true and more important than that, this cake tastes FANTASTIC.  Added bonus, it's extremely low in fat and calories.  Choose any cake mix (I do try to find one with the lowest fat content) in any flavor.  Combine the cake mix with one can of pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix - pure pumpkin).  That's it.  Really.
 (Gratuitous photo of inside of my new oven -- it will probably never look this clean again
The batter will be very thick, like brownie batter.  Spray a 9X13 with cooking spray and spread in the batter.  Follow baking instructions on the box.  You CAN add extras like chocolate chips, coconut, nuts, etc. but I normally do not.
I like to top with fat-free whipped topping but you can also dust with powdered sugar.  Frosting is optional but truly, it isn't necessary -- this tastes sweet plain.
 Enjoy - minus the guilt!

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  1. OmGosh.... this cake sounds perfect for self me right now! I'm wanting something sweet and can have desserts on my "diet" program, so this would seem to fit the bill. Thanks for the recipe. Stay warm! LOL
    ~ Sue

  2. YUM!! Think we need to try this :) My sister makes something similar with a can of cherry pie filling...also good but the pumpkin is probably even better!!

  3. this is wonderful! I make brownies with black beans pureed up instead of oil and eggs and if I didn't tell you what was in it you would never know it. :) Have a super sweet weekend.


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