Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chocolate Bunny Peeps

Simple, easy, fun and SO yummy! All you need are:
Peeps of your choice (the bunnies just look so stinkin' cute!)
   Lollipop sticks
 Melting chocolate
 A double boiler or Bain Marie (pictured here)
 And something to stand the dipped peeps up in.  I use a piece of styrofoam covered in parchment paper
 After the bunnies get their chocolate bath, drop the sprinkles on right away and place peeps in styrofoam until chocolate is set.
 It's always a good idea to have some 'extras' to dip as there is usually chocolate left over and you don't want to waste it!
 To serve the bunny peeps, I wrapped a few clay pots in fabric and tied them with a bow.  I filled the pots with styrofoam pieces, inserted the peeps and filled in with Easter grass to cover the foam.
 They're on display on my dining room table next to my bunny teapot and a tea cup that holds a battery-operated tea light.  
 The hardest part . . . keeping everyone from eating them before Easter!!

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  1. They are too pretty to eat! It makes me wish I could eat sugar! lol I'll have to see what's on the shelves, sugar free! Enjoy your week and your sweets! Hugs!

  2. Good Gravy !!! Talk about awesome(ness) I am sooooooooooooo Doing this for Easter thanks for sharing such a cute idea ... Hugs and have a Egg-Specially wonderful easter ............

  3. Thanks for the extra pounds, Lauren. lol

  4. Hummm ! cela me semble vraiment bon... Une envie de gourmander.
    Gros bisous

  5. Those look more appetizing than just marshmallow!

  6. Cute idea!!!! I have to pin these for next year.


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