Saturday, September 24, 2011

Love My Thrift Store!

I have the greatest thrift store right around the corner from me and it always amazes me what I can find there! It's currently "50% off the entire store" there and here are some of the great finds I got.  
This huge, heavy frame was 50 cents and I LOVE this bottle -- also 50 cents. It's a vintage Jergens hand lotion bottle!  The two brass bowls were 1.50 each and will be used in my fall decorating for sure.
I grabbed this white glass bowl for 1.00 and it is also being used in my fall decorating -- look at the beautiful leaves on it! That sparkly fabric (also to be appearing soon) was a 4 yard piece for 1.00.
This is getting a whole new look right now -- it's from Crate and Barrel and is solid wood and brass.  My cost $5.00.
I fell in love with this lamp, especially at a cost of 3.80! It too is going to be painted although I'm not sure what color.  It's electric and works -- it's definitely old as I can tell by the electric cord which I may replace because of it's age.  
I love the little key that turns the light on!  Well, I'm finally getting my fall decorating started so I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures of my projects!


  1. I scored big at the thrift store this week too. Isn't it the best feeling! Love your pretty glass bottle and all your wonderful new things for fall decorating.


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