Monday, February 4, 2019

Vintage Style Valentine Ornaments

I'm having a lot of fun making ornaments for my Valentine tree!  Last week I saw these double heart, cardboard ornaments in a gift shop.  They were so cute but they were 12.00 each! No thank you.  I made a few mental notes and came home to make my own version.

I started by printing out some vintage Valentine images. A smaller heart template was used for the image itself and a slightly larger one for the red background.  I used pinking shears to create the edges.

You could embellish these however you like. I had some Stickles glitter paint so I just added a few touches of that.  To get the glittered edges, I watered down a bit of white glue.  Using a brush, I painted the edges with the glue.

Sprinkle on some ultra fine glitter while the glue is wet.  After these dried, I turned them over and gave them a 'flick' with my finger to pop off any excess glitter.  I also brushed them off with a small brush to remove some.

You could just glue the image to the larger heart but I decided to give it a little more dimension with these small foam squares.  

For the hanger, I knotted a piece of cording and adhered it to the back with another piece of card stock glued down.  Afterwards I thought I could have just attached another whole red heart on the back and it would have looked neater. Oh well.  Don't look at the back!

I'm pleased with how they turned out.

These would be cute for an Easter tree cut in egg or flower shapes too.  

These are just two layers but three would be pretty too!

A simple, fun craft that would also be cute tucked into a card or on top of a gift.

For another Valentine ornament idea:

If you want to make either, I'd be happy to email you the documents with the images in them already sized.  Just let me know!


  1. I just love these vintage Valentine's, Lauren. You did a nice job on them all. The red and gold glitter adds a special touch. They will look great on your Valentine tree. My sister first introduced me to the vintage cards many years ago, and ever since then, I was hooked. Thanks for visiting today. Are you back to blogging again?


  2. I would haven't paid $12/ornament either!

    Your handcrafted ornaments are adorable. A few years back, my Victoriana calendar came with a heart-shaped Valentine...But of course, I can't recall where I put it!

  3. Vintage Valentines are just the best and these are adorable! You did a fabulous job on these, Lauren!

  4. Oh Lauren, the vintage ornaments look oh so cute!! I can see having more fun with Cissy in making these. This time, we'd need the whole image and not just the heads. I am going to have a Valentine tree next year!!

  5. These are incredibly sweet and I love how they hang on the tree!

  6. OMG!!! I just LOVE these!! So pretty!! I just may have to try some year when i am retied!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  7. Love these Lauren! I don't have a Valentine's tree but I do stick hearts on any mirror, cloche, candlestick I can find..haha. I would love for you to share them with me! Thanks.

    1. Hi Debra - I don't have an email for you. Send me your email and I'll gladly send you the image document!

  8. Oh gosh...these are adorable...

  9. Oh, how pretty! I just love them, and they don't seem like they would be too hard to make. It is always such a joy to stop by and see what you are making! God has gifted you with such talent, sweet friend!

  10. SO delightful ... I love vintage Valentines... When I was a child I just couldn't wait for the Valentine books and boxes to come out... Your's are even more pretty because they're handmade... and I think I just might have to create a few for the grand children.It's such a brilliant idea to put alittle hanging string on them ..PLUS I love the glitter...Yes, I'm inspired ..Thank You ...Hugs

  11. Very sweet! I love the double heart and those pinked edges just make them.

  12. Thanks again for visiting and for your kind and encouraging comment on my post about my health issues!!
    I hope you are having a great weekend!!

  13. Oh you did a great job and they are so cute

  14. Good evening, my lovely friend! Once again, you have created some sweet little things. These ornaments are just darling! I always leave your blog feeling inspired. Happy Valentine's Day, Lauren! Hugs!


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