Tuesday, April 16, 2019

How to Age Clay Pots

I wanted to make some little gifts for the Sunday school teachers who serve with me and thought a little flower or plant would be perfect for Easter.  I found these lovely Viola plants at our local nursery and some cute little terra cotta pots at the dollar store (3/1.00).  The pots were way too "new" looking so I decided to 'age' them.

I didn't really have a plan so I just looked online at "old" clay pots and tried to duplicate some of the features.  I started with what I had on hand which was a tub of joint compound that will probably never been used for 'joints'!  By dabbing this on with a piece of towel, I thought this was a good start. I would think you could use things like spackle or other 'construction' compounds too.

After the joint compound dried, I mixed some green, white and dark brown paints sponging on in random places with another piece of towel to give them a dirty, mossy look.

Next I decided I wanted to 'mute' the colors so I used sandpaper to go over certain areas to blend it together.  

Here's the finished product!  Now, IF I were going to actually use these outside (and if I make bigger ones to use outside), I would seal these because the joint compound and paints would probably wash off after time.  

The pots are ready for their little flowers!

I love how these turned out . . . no two are the same.
The nice thing is . . . you can't mess these up! If you don't like the look, just go back with more white paint to lighten areas, more joint compound, more sanding . . .

To finish off the gifts, I added some green, shredded paper to a little bag, put the pot in and tied with a ribbon and this tag.  I'm including little boxes of chocolate too :)

I have to share these photos before I go.  Two days ago it was of course, Palm Sunday . . . and we got a record-breaking snowstorm!  This is what it looked like when we came out of church as my husband began cleaning off the car!

Those who know me, know that after March, I do NOT wear anything related to cold weather, including boots.  No. Matter. What.

Now . . . I took THIS picture TODAY . . . just two days later.

It's true what they say: If you don't like the weather in Chicago, just wait a day and it'll change!

Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

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