Saturday, April 6, 2019

EASY Fabric Flowers

When making a collar for a friend's dog, I wanted to add a fabric flower.  After playing around with some different ideas, I came up with this simple method.

Here's what you'll need:

Cotton fabric (To make 8 flowers I used 6 pieces of fabric, each 1/8 yard)
Pinking Shears (probably NOT a must but you'll get more fraying . . . which is what you want, with pinked edges)
Fabric scissors
Two sizes of circle patterns

You can use one fabric or several.  Find something for your pattern.  I used this plastic container's TOP edge for the larger circles and the BOTTOM edge for the smaller ones.  You can make these as big as you want though.  Cut 7-8 large and 7-8 small in any combination of fabrics. Layer your large pieces and then top with your small pieces.

I have to say that this part is a bit tedious with all the cutting so you definitely need sharp pinking shears or fabric scissors.  I just sat and watched a movie while I cut!

I have to say that I spent too much time making sure the pieces were in a repeating pattern.  Once the flowers are finished, I don't think it really shows or matters that the patterns were in a certain order.  Once you have your circles stacked (7-8 large topped with 7-8 small), stitch through all pieces in the center.

Now the fun part.  Wet each flower and crumple, crunch and smoosh into balls then . . . toss in the dryer.  They will come out like the center picture with frayed edges.  Next, dampen them (don't soak them this time or they'll take days to dry).  Gather them up and rubber band as shown in last picture.  Let them sit out to dry (overnight).

The next morning you can unwrap them and this is what you'll have!  I scrunched and wadded them up and peeled back each 'petal', fluffed and scrunched a bit more.

Just play around with them until you are satisfied with the look and amount of fraying.

I just placed these around my different Easter vignettes for a pop of color and softness.

I'm thinking these would make pretty hair accessories for a little (or big girl!) or a brooch.  I'm thinking of making some for a summer robe I'm making.  Lots of possibilities.

We are finally enjoying REAL springtime here in the Midwest! Hoping it's the same wherever you are!

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