Thursday, April 25, 2019

Cleaning Blinds - Quick and Easy!

Cleaning is not really my first activity choice on any given day.  And cleaning blinds . . . uggggg.  Hate it.  And as you can see . . . it's not something I do as often as I should.  Here you can see where I wiped away a spot of grime . . . yeah, they were bad.

I was looking on Pinterest (when I SHOULD have been doing something more productive) and saw this post from The Intentional Mom on cleaning blinds.  I decided to give it a try.  I tweaked a little bit by using Dawn in my water.  SO, all you need is a few old socks, some Dawn and a sink or bucket of hot, soapy water.

Wet your cleaning sock puppet in the water, add a tiny drop of Dawn and squeeze to distribute (You don't want your sock TOO soapy . . . just a tiny bit to help remove grime.)

You can clean the top and bottom all at once.  I started with the blinds straight open to easily clean both sides.  Depending on how dirty the blinds are, you can do a section, go rinse your sock puppet and begin fresh.

EEEEEW!  This was after about 1/3 of a blind!  Just take the sock, rinse, add some Dawn to clean it and start again with the same sock.

Once you've cleaned the whole blind, close it in one directions and go over it with a clean, rinsed sock to pick up any stray gunk.  Close it in the other direction and do the same.

And if you have a cute puppy, of course let them have fun by trying to grab the socks while you're working.  

Does anyone do "spring cleaning" any more??  My mom did (and fall cleaning).  I remember her taking down all of the drapes, curtains, blinds and washing them all or replacing them with seasonal window treatments.  She washed the WALLS, BASEBOARDS, and scrubbed everything top to bottom.  She also ironed sheets.  I did not inherit this gene.

What's your favorite cleaning 'tip'?  

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