Saturday, March 30, 2019

He Is Risen Easter Signs

I know  . . . you're thinking, wait, that looks like CHRISTMAS.  It is.  I used the reverse side of these same boards and painted them for EASTER.  It's a great way to get double duty out of your decorations when you do this!

It's a simple process.  I have a bunch of reclaimed fence boards I use for these projects.  A light coat of white chalk paint and sanding and they're ready.

I print the words out on paper playing with the size and font. Since you're going to paint these, you want to keep the font simple and clean.  

I highly recommend getting a roll of graphite paper.  I have this box for years.  You can use one piece of paper over and over and over.  It looks like a box of plastic wrap or foil and I got mine at an art supply store.  I put a piece under my paper and using a pen, trace the letters out onto the board.

You'll get a faint outline that is now ready to be painted.

I use a fine, round tip brush which I also highly recommend. This one was only about 8.00 and again, I've had it for years.  Important Tip:  I put a little bit of acrylic paint in a lid and have a lid of water.  Dip the tip of the brush in the water FIRST and then into the paint.  This makes the paint go on SO much easier and smoother!

Here is is painted and ready for a little distressing.

Carefully and using a very fine sandpaper, rub gently to get this distressed look (if that's the look you want).

Here are some more of my Easter/Spring decorations.  

I always have fun decorating this 'ledge' in the living room.

This year I decorated my ladder with a few of my mom's Easter hats and her hankies.  Remember the days when ladies wore their Easter hats to church on Easter Sunday? 

Hopefully it's beginning to feel like spring for all of us! I think it's ALMOST safe to put the snow shovels away . . .

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