Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to Write or Paint on Glass / Old Window

I've had this old window in the garage for YEARS but just never found the right spot to use it until I started my bedroom makeover.  THEN I knew I wanted to hang it over the bed and I knew I wanted Psalm 4:8 on it.  Painting on glass is really simple with this method.  If you can paint by number or color inside the lines, then you can do this.
 Start by printing out your words on paper, adjust for size and then cut them out and try different placements.  Once you are satisfied with the size and placement, you will need to print these words all out in REVERSE, discarding these first pieces.  
Using Microsoft Word and the Paint program (or any photo editing software) you will copy your words and then paste them into Paint.  

Once they appear in Paint, you will choose "Rotate" at the top of the menu; then choose "Flip Horizontal".  Everything should now be backwards and ready to print out in reverse.

 Here you see the BACK of the window.  The words have been taped upside down on the FRONT of the window.  Just remember that what you see and will paint on the back of the window should look strange, because it is reversed.
 I decided to use this paint pen, but after I did the whole piece and looked at it through the front of the window, there were a lot of little gaps in the ink.
 So . . . I decided to go back over it with my fine, tipped brush using black, acrylic paint and I was much happier with that.  I guess if I do this again, I will just use my paint and brush. The only 'hazard' I see with the acrylic paint is that it is not permanent.  However, since I'm not planning on getting this window wet, I didn't think it would be a problem!
 Here it is, finished and hanging over our bed.  I didn't do a single thing to the window frame itself, other than brush off the dirt and cobwebs!
 There you have it -- once you get it in your head about reversing the words, it's really quite simple! And if you're painting pictures, you probably don't even need to worry about reversing anything.
Have you ever painted on old windows? What method did you use?

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  1. This is a great idea! It looks great above your bed. Thanks for the tips about painting on glass.

  2. Oh Lauren, I just love this idea and I love the psalm that you chose. How perfect for above a bed! You're so creative, and I'm glad that you put that old window to use!
    Happy Labor Day weekend!

  3. Another lovely creation. Seems folks are doing all kinds of neat creative ideas to old windows. Wishing you a glorious Lord's Day!

  4. I love your window and the verse you chose for it. My daughter has done something similar with painting phrases on wood using Microsoft and printing out a saying.

  5. What a clever idea! It never would have occurred to me to paint on glass.

  6. I love this idea! I love crafting with glass! It doesn't seem to matter what type...blown glass, stained glass, painting on glass. Painted verses on glass is so creative! I love what you did! Thanks so much for your tutorial! I don't know if I would have thought to flip the letters around like that. Perfect!

  7. I tell you, this is the prettiest thing I have seen that you have made yet! I LOVE this...I love the vintage look on the old, window frame, and that verse is just so precious and one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing!!!

  8. This is really nice, Lauren. Such a charming window now with very special words. I really like the font with the "peace." It looks lovely above your bed, and the words can dwell in your heart and you can get a good night's sleep knowing the Lord is looking after you. : )


  9. Love turned out great!

  10. That really looks great above your bed and it is the perfect saying to help you sleep at night Lauren. I also like your method of painting the words on.

  11. I am going to remember this way to paint on glass.
    I never thought about the reverse function before.
    Your project is THE perfect things to hang above your head at night.
    You are so clever and creative. I wrote about being creative on my blog today.
    Susan from fruitful words


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