Saturday, August 26, 2017

Vintage Shabby Chic Bedside Table

I've always loved furniture used in different ways so when looking for bedside tables I was excited to get this one from a local thrift store for 15.00.  
It was in pretty nice shape and I loved the curvy legs and edge of the table.  I'm trying to keep the bedroom makeover a little 'neutral' but I added my dusty rose accent on this as it's on "my" side of the bed.
 After painting the details with the pink chalk paint, I distressed and used clear wax, followed by dark wax to give it a really shabby feel.
 The table top appeared to be three pieces of wood fused together and one of the edge pieces was separating.  I knew that could be a problem later on so I decided I better fix it now.  
 Nothing fancy -- just a simple metal brace screwed into the back and it was nice and stable.  I just added some more chalk paint into the crack, sanded and waxed and you can't even tell the crack was there.
 Here it is 'before'
 And "after".  The fabric was some that I got on clearance and used to make a few pillows for the bed (sneaking in a little bit more femininity haha!).  I loved it so much and I had this piece left over so I just draped it over the table.  After all, it is MY side of the bed . . . 

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  1. Amazing!! I need you to come for a visit and do a few make overs in my home. There's so many different kinds of paint these days that I wouldn't know where to begin.
    I love the touch of pink and femininity on "your side of the bed" :-)
    Have a beautiful Lord's Day tomorrow~

  2. Oh, how pretty!!!! You do such an amazing job! I would be so scared to tackle such projects, but you make it all look easy!! LOL! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  3. Oh Lauren, how pretty your made over table turned out! I really should get on the ball and do some projects. I have been working on my one son's 40th birthday photo blocks. I wish I had you by my side to tackle a few furniture pieces!!

  4. I love your bedside table, Lauren. You did a great job painting it. It looks so vintage, and the dusty rose accent looks lovely. There's so much detail in this table, and it's not that big or small, just perfect.

    Wishing you a splendid week coming up.


  5. Another successful makeover project! This is a silly question from a non-painter: is chalk paint different from chalkboard paint?

  6. So pretty... and fun. :) Great job.

  7. Yes, another successful project! Quite the transformation and lovely! Good job!

  8. I love it. Great job. I love cool side tables like that.

  9. Love the makeover! The table makes a really lovely bedside table!

  10. Your table looks amazing, my friend! I think you are Wonder Woman with all you get accomplished :)

    Hugs to you!

  11. Very pretty feminine look - love the piece of fabric on the table.

  12. What a great piece of furniture! I love the little details you've given it and the fabric is splendid!

  13. This is absolutely gorgeous. It has so much more life and character now that you have painted it and that fabric is just the right touch.

    Lauren I host a link party, Sweet Inspiration every Friday and would be honored if you would join us with your creations.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful shabby chic bedside table with us at the Sweet Inspiration party Lauren. I love how you've distressed the edges just a little and the way you fixed the crack. That's ingenious


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