Friday, May 5, 2017

Kitchen Sink Taste & See Transfer

I've been a bit busy the past few weeks as hubby is on his second neck surgery in two weeks so I thought I'd go back and do a few posts on some details I did when I re-did my kitchen.  Since the cupboards were all white now, I wanted to add something decorative to this board/panel under my sink.
 Typically I use graphite paper to do transfers but when I used it on this, the graphite made a mess of the white paint.  SO, after re-painting this board, I went with the good, old pencil-on-the-back-of-the-paper method.  I still had to be a bit careful to not press my hands on the paper while transferring but it was a much cleaner result.
 I had already printed out the words on the paper with my computer so after 'coloring' the back with pencil, I taped it onto the wood piece and traced over it with a pen, transferring the words onto the wood.  
 Once that was done, I just used craft paint and an very, fine tip brush to paint the words in black.
 I liked it but I felt it was a bit of a 'stark' contrast to all of that white so I decided to lightly sand over it to distress/lighten it a little and I liked that much better.
 Any place that I was not happy with, I was able to clean up with white paint.  Any place that I had some of the pencil rub off onto the wood I was able to clean up with a Q-tip dipped in white paint.  
 I definitely preferred the lighter, sanded version.
There were so many little 'projects' in this makeover and since I'm unable to do any new projects right now, I'll be posting on a few of those.  The overall effect of lightening everything in the kitchen has made such a difference!
 Don't you just love how paint can transform anything??

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  1. I love it! You have a talent for that and your kitchen is awesome! Hope your hubby's surgery goes well!

  2. I LOVE it, my friend! It adds the perfect touch to your sweet little kitchen.

    Hugs to you!

  3. Oh, how pretty!! I love the idea of Scripture right there where you can see it so often! God's Word brightens anything. You did a wonderful job! I trust the Lord will bless our husband through this operation and recovery process. May He bless you, too, sweet friend. :) I think it is as hard on the caregiver as it is on the patient!

  4. I love your Taste and See on the panel under your sink, Lauren. The distressed version looks so pretty and fits in with your new look. Yes, paint makes such a big difference and it all looks so bright and cheery! Happy weekend to you. Best of luck to your hubby with his upcoming surgery.

  5. Lovely, and such a great daily inspiration! Yes, paint is so transforming. Have a great week!

  6. Wow, you've been busy! Your rooms look bright and fresh...perfect for spring! XO- Wendi@H2OBungalow

  7. Great job on the stenciling, Lauren. Your updated kitchen looks great! I've always been a fan of white cabinets.

  8. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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