Monday, May 15, 2017

Make Ahead Mini Frittatas

For my Sunday school team meetings I like to do something a little extra, special and serve breakfast.  This time I decided I would try these mini frittatas -- the original recipe is found at The Incredible Edible Egg site.  I love that these can be made ahead of time and then just microwaved to reheat before serving.  I followed their recipe with just a few changes in ingredients.
 Instead of the zucchini and peppers, I added broccoli, onion and mushrooms.  Whatever veggies you are adding, you will want to chop them into tiny pieces so they are distributed throughout the mini frittatas.  I also always saute my veggies first -- it brings out more flavor!
 I always have fresh spinach and/or kale so I opted to add some chopped spinach which I also sauteed just until it started to wilt.
 Now these definitely would have been great without meat but since I had a package of bacon bits, I added those. I really love these bags of bacon for recipes like this -- so much easier than frying bacon.  I think browned sausage would be good in these too!
 I doubled the recipe and it made exactly 24 frittatas.  I baked mine for 20 minutes because knowing I would reheat them, I wanted them slightly underbaked.
 Don't they look yummy? Well, let me tell you -- they were! I think these would freeze very well also.  I plan on make a few batches and keeping them in the freezer.  Who wouldn't like being able to pop a few of these in the microwave in the morning??

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  1. Looks good!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! As to your question about what my husband thinks about all the frilly things...He learned a long time ago never to tell me how to decorate!! LOL!!

  2. Oh, my word! These look amazing!!! I am going to pin for future use! Thank you so much, and may God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  3. Your mini frittatas look so yum, Lauren. I often make a crustless quiche and cut it into pieces and freeze them for my breakfasts. All your fixins' sound perfect to me, and inspiring me to make some mini frittatas soon.

  4. Oh Yummy! They look great! I love things that can be made ahead of time.


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