Monday, May 22, 2017

Napkin Decorated Garden Fence

A friend of my husband's gave him several of these fence pieces because he thought I might like them.  Well OF COURSE I liked them.  I've been using one piece 'as is' on my porch from time to time with seasonal signs hanging on it but I decided I wanted to use a piece in my garden.  
I love using napkins for lots of projects but this is the first time I've used them this way.  I bought some pretty ones at the party store.  Using a piece of tape, you simply tap the back, white layers of the napkins and separate them from the printed side.  Just toss the white and keep the printed piece.  I applied a really thick layer of Mod Podge to the boards and then laid the napkin piece on.  I gently applied another really thick layer of Mod Podge and then let dry.  It doesn't matter if some of it tears -- you'll be sanding and distressing anyway.
Here you can see the difference between the unsanded and the sanded boards.  I used my electric sander but you could use a sanding block or sand paper if you want.
I wanted to make a sign to hang from the fence and I love this saying.  It definitely suits my garden!  I just printed the words on copy paper and then used graphite paper to trace the letters.  Using a very fine point artist brush, I painted the words with acrylic paint, than sanded lightly.
I also did a white wash on the rest of the wood that was not decorated.  I like how that part kind of blends into the siding. I also did two very thick coats of matte polyurethane to seal this.  I guess if you use a different type of Mod Podge you wouldn't need to do that.  I also sealed the garden sign as that was also done with acrylic paint which would not withstand the elements.
This garden got a new border this year.  I'm just collecting plates from the thrift stores and garage sales and burying them halfway.  Once the grass fills in, it will look a lot neater.  I opted to do small and large plates but you could do all small, all large, all the same color -- whatever you want.  They are holding up well and I've used my electric trimmer against them with no issues.
This would be a great project using a pallet as well or any scrap wood for that matter.  Summer is my FAVORITE season and I love creating new little 'surprises' for the garden!

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  1. That's a very cool project! I love mod podge and have a lot of scrap wood in the garage. Time to get crafting!

  2. Oh Lauren, your fence piece that you created for your garden is just beautiful, and I love the sign, too. The thrifted plate edging is just darling! I have done napkins with mod podge and it is very easy, but I haven't done it in quite awhile. Thank you for sharing your newest project with us.

  3. What a neat way to use pretty napkins. I once tried to decoupage Christmas baubbles, but the project didn't go well.

    I also like the vintage plate borders. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh, how pretty! I would never have thought to do something like this with napkins. Sometimes, they are so pretty, it feels like such a waste to just use them for their intended purpose! Thanks for this amazing idea. :)

  5. That is just too cute! And, the plate edging, I've never seen that before, what a great idea! Enjoyable post!

  6. I love your little fence! what a wonderful idea to use the napkins and I agree that using the protective layers over top are very important.
    I love your plate border as well! I have one like that as well, and it is such a delight to see in the yard! It also helps to keep the grass out of the flower bed!
    Enjoy your time in your yard this summer!

  7. Hmm! I have some gorgeous tea napkins that need to be put to good use! I have used Modpodge for this before, but had forgotten all about it! I love the great ideas you shared today including how to make your sign too! I have a little garden area I am working on, and these are great ideas to add creative touches to it. What a great use for those plates too! Oh my, you've got my creative juices flowing with this post! Happy to meet you today :)

  8. Well what a unique way to decorate your fence and the plates are great!
    Thank you for sharing on Friday Features this week!

  9. Beautifully done! Love it! You will be one of our features at next week's Brag About It Link Party! Hope you can join us Tuesday!

  10. Oh I love everything about this! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm--pinned! p.s. I have china plate borders around several of my rose bushes (from the thrift stores, of course!)

  11. What a creative idea! Looks so cute! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  12. That fence sign is speaking my language! Love the sentiment and how pretty those fence boards look decoupaged with pretty paper. Love this idea!
    Marie|The Interior Frugalista

    1. Thanks Marie - I'm following you now -- oh my I love your blog!


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