Monday, February 18, 2013

Smoothies To Go

 Here's a simple, money-saving way to enjoy a snack "on the run". 
I found these little cups that hold 9 oz. and come with the lids and straws.  Using frozen fruit, plain, fat-free yogurt, skim milk and sugar or sugar substitute, I whipped up 15 of these in less than an hour.  I got one of those Magic Bullets for Christmas so I used that but you could also use a blender.
 Whenever I have fruit that I know I'm not going to use up, I chop it up and put it in zip lock bags in the freezer to use for smoothies.  You can also use fresh or store bought frozen fruit.  Another favorite combination is peanut butter, banana and chocolate.  
 Mix them up in batches, pour into the cups, label and freeze.  Grab one on your way out the door in the morning for a quick, delicious, healthy snack.
I don't really follow a "recipe" but here's my 'rule of thumb' for smoothies (Note this is for one large or two small smoothies using the Magic Bullet.  If using a blender, you'd probably double or triple this.)
Fruit Smoothies
1/4 c crushed ice
2/3 c fruit
2 T fat free, plain yogurt
1/4 c skim milk  
1 t sugar or sugar substitute

Peanut Butter/Banana/Chocolate 
1/4 c crushed ice
1/2 banana
2 T fat free, plain yogurt
1 T reduced fat peanut butter
1 T chocolate syrup
1/4 c skim milk

One other note:  I've found blueberry smoothies need some extra fruit flavor so I substitute 1/4 c fruit juice in place of the milk. 

Fruit Combinations I've Used 
Strawberry Banana
Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana
Peanut Butter Banana
Blueberry Cranberry
Pineapple Coconut

Just a few minutes and a few dollars and you'll save a lot of money over the coffee shop smoothies and you can control what goes into them!  What's YOUR favorite smoothie combo?

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  1. Oh yummy, we love smoothies at my house. It's been way to long since I've made them. My favorite is banana and strawberry made with vanilla yogurt. I'm going to try your recipes, thanks for sharing!

  2. Going to try one of these tomorrow sister......HUGS and thank you

  3. These sound so good! I always think I'm going to try to make some but then I don't have the ingredients. I think I'll add the yogurt to my grocery list and make one! Thanks! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. HUmmm!!! Cela me semble savoureux et succulent...
    Je vous envoie de gros bisous

  5. That looks fabulous!!! I have always wanted a magic bullet! Love those infomercials



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