Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Vintage Step Stool Makeover


As my kitchen remodel is nearing completion, I knew I would eventually need some sort of step stool to reach the very top of my cabinets.  Before I had a soffit that was 1 foot long so my cabinets didn't go to the ceiling but that's all changed now (thankfully!). I found this beauty at an estate sale marked 12.00.  It was the last day so it was 50% off and I asked the lady if she'd take 5.00 for it and she said yes . . . SOLD!  It was very solid but not super heavy.

The top came off easily as it had four 'tabs' that slipped into holes in the top seat.  The bottom was missing the rubber piece altogether.

I had purchased these vintage bark cloth curtains at another estate sale.  I knew the faded sections wouldn't stand up (and they didn't as you can see) but there was still a lot of fabric to be used on projects even after washing and drying, including the step stool.

I also wanted a LITTLE more padding on this so I decided to add a layer of 1/2" batting.  I used the old seat to cut the batting and the bark cloth fabric.  I added a few inches when cutting the fabric so I could wrap around the seat back.

I made sure to keep the 'prongs/tabs' on back poking through the fabric so I was able to just snap this back into place.  
Like I said, this stool was in great shape so I didn't even have to sand it before giving it a few coats of spray paint.

The rubber step was a bit more tricky.  I found a chair tread at Home Depot but it wasn't quite deep enough. There was the 'bent' edge that is supposed to go over the edge of the stair so I used my heat gun and kept pressing it as flat as I could. It still has a bit of 'bend' there but I put that at the back of the stool so you really don't notice it. I used Gorilla glue to attach it to the metal.

And here she is!  All spiffed up and ready to live a new life! I'm pleased with the way it turned out!

I love the little curved back . . . this will also make a nice little extra seat if I'm working in the kitchen or when friends or family are here and we are hanging out in the kitchen.

And when it's not in use, it folds nicely and will slip between my new little china cabinet and the wall in the dining room right outside of the kitchen.

A very satisfying, practical and economical makeover!


  1. Lauren this is an amazing re love of this step stool. Love the pattern and the color. Awesome girl! xoxo

  2. Another fantastic transformation! I especially like it can be used as a step stool and a chair!

  3. Satisfying project indeed! Well done.

  4. Lauren, it's an entirely different piece now --and a much more charming one. That red just pops and makes me happy!

  5. Well, look at you! You made such a cute step stool out of that and something, if like me, you will use time and time again. Good job!

  6. Oh my! `What an awesome job! It is beautiful!

  7. That is so cheerful!!! Wonderful job!

  8. How cute is that??!! Of course, red is my favorite color and the fabric looks perfect. I like the curved back, too, and the price. Great job, Lauren!

  9. Oh my gosh, Lauren, that looks great! You did an awesome job on that. I have a little step stool similar to this, and it's just plain and ordinary. It would be so nice to have your creative talent to make it look like this! And I love the red paint you chose and the fabric. It turned out wonderful.


  10. Oh my goodness that is lovely, Lauren. We have an ugly old step stool very similar (if not identical). Never would it have occurred to me to paint it, let alone replace the fabric. I need to go find ours and see if I can be inspired to do something like this.


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