Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Spice Organization


Who can relate?
Through the years I've tried lots of different ways of organizing my spices.  Since we are nearing the end of our kitchen renovation, I thought it was time to give in and actually purchase some quality jars.  After lots of research and searching Pinterest, I decided on these Swommoly 66 Glass Jars Spice Set for 39.99.  

I liked that they had round lids but are actually square jars so they'll fit nicely together.  There were several things I really liked about these.

You get a list of all of the labels that are available and let me tell you . . . there are A LOT.  I thought I was familiar with just about every spice but Duqqa, Epazote and who knew there were so many options for Cardamom???

Another nice 'feature' is that there is a list that tells you what PAGE each label is on.

You get two sets of labels and all sheets are numbered.  These sheets are clear, rectangle labels for the sides of the jars.

These round labels go on the tops of the jars and are also numbered.  This is great because you can choose to store your jars on their side or standing up and still see what's in them!

The set also comes with a bunch of blank labels and a white marker for those rare times when you have a spice that ISN'T on this list (and yes . . . I had a few like Sazon, Adobo and a Lime Pepper.)

You also get a very useless funnel.  Useless because you'd have to wash it out after pretty much every spice you pour through it.  

It was just easy to use one of my measuring spoons.

Another 'plus' . . . each jar comes with a very nice lid for dispensing the spices in large or small amounts.

So after a few nights of therapeutic jar filling . . . this is now my new spice drawer.  And I'm glad these are labeled both top and sides because a friend is going to build me a pull out 'pantry' door to go next to my refrigerator. The spices will then be standing up in that, freeing up this drawer for something else!  I felt like this was a little bit of a splurge but definitely well worth the money and time.  And yes, I did alphabetize my spices haha!


  1. This looks great, Lauren! The spice jars+label kits were definitely worth the splurge.

    I used to work at the library (my first job ever!) and fully endorse alphabetical organization!

  2. Genius! Now I have Spice Jar envy!!! Have a cozy evening!

  3. I've always thought a pull-out pantry for spices would be so nice! I'm happy for you that you'll have one. This looks like it was a very nice choice you made with the jars.

  4. That's a great idea! Love the labels and such -- that's a great set. Yup. Funnel would be relatively useless but good in theory! Well done, Lauren!

  5. That is a lovely set of new spice jars! I love your labels to. That will make a wonderful new addition to your fresh kitchen.

  6. We have a spice drawer (alas no space for a pull out cupboard like you're getting) and I very nicely labeled all the jars and alphabetized them. Of course I'm not the cook and Resident Chef has scribbled all over the labels, removed some and replaced them with more scribbles. I refuse to so much as look in that drawer now because it just upsets me. Oh well, as I said, I'm not the cook.

  7. I did much the same thing about 3 months ago with the exact same bottles. I'm very pleased with them and I also filed them alphabetically. I mean, is there any other way? :o)) Blessings abundant!

  8. How great is that, Lauren??!! I like your review of these bottles, and of the useless funnel. That made me laugh!


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