Friday, February 22, 2019

Dollar Store St. Patrick's Decor

Since Easter comes later this year, I have put out my St. Patrick's Day decorations after taking down my Valentine's Day decorations.  Most of this came from the Dollar Tree (not all this year but from years past as well).  This is my dining table centerpiece that I made to be a multi-season/holiday decoration.  Click HERE for instructions and to see how it's been decorated.  I've also decorated it for Spring but I don't think I did a post on that.

Today at the Dollar Tree they had these bags of foam shamrocks in different sizes and gold coins - so cute! 

I threaded a tapestry needle with this gold and white string and just slid it through then tied these onto the branches.

While I don't have a lot of St. Pat's decorations, I have enough that gives the rooms a fun pop of green, gold and silver.  This is a reclaimed wood molding piece turned upside down and mounted on the wall.  I have a small collection of vintage salt and pepper shakers on here.

I always have fun with this ledge in my living room.  

All except the fabric and the shamrock picture are from the Dollar Tree.  The picture is a faux four leaf clover that I made and framed in an old picture frame.  Instructions for that are HERE.

Here is Eileen, my vintage typewriter dressed for the holiday.  She's another fun piece (Read about how I 'scored' her HERE.) that I like to decorate for the holidays.

I do a lot of 'multi-season' decorating like this big frame in my bathroom.  I change out the pictures for each season and holiday and they all are kept right in the frame so no need to go looking for them!  I just found this quote/verse and loved it so added a vintage image and that was it!

Looking, waiting, wishing, hoping for Spring to come soon but in the meantime, I'll settle for a little "green" inside.


  1. So many cute St. Patrick's Day touches, Lauren. I'll have to check out the dollar store now. The green shamrocks are delightful, I really like those. And the vintage typewriter is a treasure. How fun that you decorate it for each holiday. Your picture "it's not luck" really got to me, because I believe we receive blessings and graces and favor, and they are special gifts from God. You have me wanting to decorate for St. Patrick's Day now.


  2. Love!
    And would you believe we decorated for St. Patrick's Day today too?!?
    Sometimes Easter falls so close that I don't bother, but this year we have lots of time!
    Your green and gold looks lovely!

  3. I think you've just figured out another reason for St. Patrick's day! The addition of a little 'green' inside....can't have it outside, so we can add it indoors. Good idea!

  4. Your charming St. Paddy's Day made me smile, Lauren. My green teawares will be coming out next week.


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