Friday, February 2, 2018

Estate Sale Finds Friday

 I finally had a Friday off to hit up a few estate sales.  I think this one will stay with me . . . kind of makes me sad that these sweet recipes (see the one in the back? "Mama's Special Apple Cake") ended up in an estate sale. Lots of fun, old newspaper articles and clippings as well as family recipes.
These cutters are huge and very heavy.  I'll be keeping the donut cutter but selling the rest.
Couldn't resist this little coffee measure cup!

Nice vintage Life Magazine book of recipes from 1960's/70's with all recipes intact.
I know linens are not a great seller right now but I couldn't resist these lovely embroidered hanger covers in beautiful condition.
Details are hard to see on these but they are three tiny, baby dresses and they are in perfect condition.  I'll be hand-washing and pressing these before listing them.
The dresses all appear to be hand made with amazing details and embroidery.
Just look at this hand-smocking!
Tiny, tiny pin tucks! These are so beautiful they would make wonderful Christening/Baby Dedication gowns for a baby today!
This vintage Christmas tablecloth was in one room and down in the basement, I found the matching napkins  . . . all in perfect condition!

These vintage 5X7 lithographs are still in their original wrapper.  They were made by the Arthur A. Kaplan Co. in NY. The texture is like an oil painting. I couldn't find out much about them but I love the subject matter and the vibrant colors.

I had a fun morning just rummaging through things but one of the most fun parts was meeting a dear, sweet lady walking through the neighborhood of one of the sales.  Now mind you, it was about 5 degrees this morning with wind chills below zero but we stood on the sidewalk and chatted for about 15 minutes.
She told me wonderful historical facts about Jewish culture, history of names, the neighborhood, her neighbors and more. We laughed and chatted and both went away smiling over our chance encounter.
A lovely morning.

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  1. Hi Lauren wow what exciting finds there those linens are gorgeous and the recipe cards so precious,well done with your new purchases my friend xx

  2. Oh Lauren! What treasures!!!!! You found some wonderful things. I am smitten with those baby dresses. I had one from when I was a child and somehow/somewhere along the way it got lost. Finding those was a real bonus!!

    I hope you have a wonderful, blessed weekend, Lauren! xo Diana

  3. Estate sales must be such fun....we don't have them here. Yard sales just aren't the same thing. You found some wonderful treasures!

  4. Wow, you hit some wonderful sales. I love estate sale finds...they are quite different than garage sale finds! I always think about how someday all my "stuff" will be in an estate sale and it will be a good one...unless I clean it all out before then!

  5. Chance encounters can be so fun. Love all your treasures...especially the recipes.

  6. What fun finds, Lauren! Makes me sad about the recipes that no one wanted to keep. Enjoy your treasures, and have a happy weekend!

  7. Oh, what wonderful finds. I had little baby dresses like that because my mom saved them. I think they're in my attic now. (I'm almost 65) I love those embroidered hanger covers and that Christmas tablecloth and napkins.

  8. You sure hit some amazing finds. It makes me sad to think about the lady who had and used those recipes. Lots of memories and special occasions wrapped up in that little box, I'm sure. Life goes on, and now you will get much enjoyment from them. :) So happy you found such wonderful treasures!

  9. Nice finds, Lauren! The estate sales don't seem to be as popular here, or maybe I just don't know where to find them! It's just as well as I'm on a shopping ban for teawares. So I have to live vicariously through you!

  10. Wow, you found a lot of goodies at the estate sale. Now, I'm wondering if that red rose is a painting or what? It's so pretty. And those baby clothes are sweet and look like they are in good condition. I love those old recipes in the recipe box. Remember that? I used to have a handful of recipes back in the day and kept them in a box just like this. Aren't garage sales and estates sales fun?


  11. I know a couple of ladies that go to Estate sales regularly and are always finding such great things. I often wonder if folks will be thrilled with some of the finds they get at the estate sale I'm quite sure our children will have with all "our stuff" one day. :o)) Have a great new week!

  12. Wow - what treasures! In particular I love old recipe cards - so many beautiful memories of caring for and loving a family. (: The linens are so beautiful!!

  13. Looks like you found a great one! I would have wanted the hanger covers...I actually use those and have never seen handmade ones like this! Love the recipes of course. I posted an easy bread recipe today. Hope you can stop by for a visit! Sweet hugs...stay warm...Diane

  14. Awwwww it makes my heart sad too when I see something that must have been so treasured end up in a thrift store or at an estate sale. Having a box of hand written recipes is such a special thing, we don't seem to do that any more. Everything is stored on some data cosmos somewhere. Those hand sewn dresses are gorgeous BTW. All the time and effort that must have gone into making them. That's a treasure that hopefully will get past down from generation to generation when they find their new home

  15. Wow, Lauren - you hit the Mother Lode of awesome treasured finds!

    Well done! I like every item.

    I am esp interested in seeing lithography art - I don't collect it - but find it interesting as my grandfather was a professional lithographer artist who worked for a large city newspaper. He was an amazing detailed artist and made a very fine living at something he loved. ♥


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