Sunday, February 25, 2018

Book Page Hydrangeas

Here's a very simple and fun project to add a little bit of spring to your decor . . . "hydrangea" book page balls.

All you need are some old book pages, a pencil, Styrofoam ball(s), hot glue gun and a scalloped circle punch.  You could use a plain circle punch but you don't get the true look of a hydrangea then.  But if that's what you have -- go for it!

For the first ball I used this old dictionary.  Then I decided to use other book pages with different 'shades' of paper and I liked seeing the contrast of different fonts and paper tints.
Punch out a bunch of the shapes and fire up the glue gun.

Now take a trip back to your elementary school days and wrap a petal over the pencil eraser end.  Add a drop of hot glue and press onto the Styrofoam ball.  I found that it's best to press it for just a few seconds before pulling the pencil out.

Just keep filling in all of the spaces.  I used a 2" ball, then a 1.5" ball and then a 1" ball.  

If you want to hang these, just insert a string before you begin adding the petals.  I didn't do that but I'm going to make more and will make them to hang.

Here are the three different sizes.

I love how these turned out and they are the perfect accent for the little cloche on the bedside table.  My girls found this little nest many years ago when walking home from school.  It was empty but it is so fine and delicate.  I don't know what kind of bird made it but it's so beautiful!  I found the eggs while on a walk in the forest preserve. They had fallen to the ground and they've been sitting in this nest now every spring.

It was also time to swap out my Valentine hearts on my multi-season boards, for tulips. My second project with my jigsaw . . . still trying to get the hang of that thing so these are a little 'rustic'.  While I was outside, guess what I saw?????

My crocuses are coming up!!  This is one of the most exciting and happy times of the year for this winter-hater! Oh it did my heart good to see those sweet blooms!  I hope wherever YOU are, you are enjoying the arrival of this "most wonderful time of the year" . . . at least in MY opinion!

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  1. Hi Lauren wow i love these hydrangea's thankyou for the tutorial,love your tulp boards,well done my friend xx

  2. Those are just darling, Lauren. I LOVE how they turned out...really cute. You could do those with colored papers, too, but I love the book pages! The cloche is adorable.

    I am so jealous that you have something green there. We are two months out from any blooms here. Have a great night- xo Diana

  3. First the book hearts and now these hydrangeas. You come up with the best ways to repurpose old books! The blue eggs are so pretty and I'm amazed to see your crocuses popping up already. Our snow has finally melted here. Hello, grass! Ha!

  4. What a sweet little craft and I agree with you about bird's nests - they are truly little works of art.

  5. How sweet your little hydrangea cloche is ... It’s such a lovely little craft that I could do with my grandchildren and it’s perfect for ‘ Spring” ... I am so envious of the your crocus... Can’t wait for ours to pop up .... Hopefully Spring will arrive sooner than later( ha ha) here.
    Thanks for the sweet creative ideas....ENJOY your day !!!

  6. Hi Lauren -- this is adorable. I may well have to try this one. I love the fact that you used different pages with different tones to add dimension to the flower. It's really beautiful under your cloche, too.

    Thanks for coming by Marmelade Gypsy! Do try the shortbread. And I'm hoping wherever you live, those crocuses stay up and don't get buried by snow. I get nervous when I see bulbs this early here -- and I am!

  7. I love old dictionary pages and this is a fun project! Time to decorate for Spring! Hugs!

  8. if i had even a HINT of your talent, i would make these cute book sweet

  9. How cute are those hydrangeas, Lauren, and even more darling under the cliche with the best! Love this (well, ALL your projects!).

  10. What a sweet craft...and easy! Love it. Hydrangeas won't grow in my garden so these will do fine!

  11. Never could grow hydrangeas despite our best efforts. Paper ones are obviously the way I should go! I, too, am anxious for was 13C here today and it's so hard not to get too excited because I know that the odds are not in favour of it being the end of the dreaded snow.

  12. This is so neat! My sister made me a wreath one time using a similar method, only she used fabric. I cherish it dearly, as I know it was made with so much love, and it took her a very long time and was so tedious. Thank you so much for sharing another amazing idea!! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  13. Your book page hydrangeas are beautiful! Thank you for sharing the instructions.

  14. These are so pretty, Lauren. I love things that are hand made from book pages or music notes. They look cute in your cloche with the eggs. I have that same nest of blue eggs I put out around Easter. : )


  15. What a beautiful idea Lauren! I have that exact punch, and this would be a very fun craft for a rainy afternoon! They look so pretty in your cloche too, and how amazing that you found the perfect little bird's nest and eggs to display! :)


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