Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cigar Box Gift Box

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I have quite a few of these wooden cigar boxes that I got for 25 cents each at a garage sale! So for this challenge, I thought it would be a good idea to make one over.  I needed a gift box for one of my son's Christmas gifts (a certificate to a fancy cigar shop where he lives -- good thing he doesn't read my blog!) and I thought this would be a great gift box AND he could still use it to hold cigars.

I love the shape on this one.  I pried out the latch hardware so I could keep it unpainted.  The rest of the box was painted with Rustoleum Chalked Spray Paint in charcoal.  I distressed it a little and then applied a coat of wax.

Since he may use it for cigars, I taped off the inside and kept it natural wood.

I found this quote and thought it was funny and perfect to add a little extra special touch to the box.  I just printed it on paper I had and used double stick tape to attach to the lid.

The latch was easy to press back into the existing holes.

I have a big bag of felt scraps so I made a felt pad and attached it to the bottom of the box.

One less box laying around!

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  1. What a fun idea, Lauren. I altered several cigar boxes this last Fall and sold quite a few of them. They are fun to do, aren't they? Happy Thanksgiving week to you. xo Diana

  2. Very nice, Lauren! It always feel good to use up some of our stash, right?!?

  3. Wow, those old cigar boxes are cool. I've seen the cardboard ones, but never these wooden ones. A little paint and a coat of wax, and it looks great. I think your son will appreciate it.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lauren.


  4. What a great use for those beautiful boxes!

  5. Oh, how neat! What a great idea to turn one of these into a gift box...especially for its original purpose! You have such amazing talents, my friend. :)

  6. Lauren I too am a sucker for a good box. I have to do something with it, usually paint it and add something or other. I love that funny quote on this one.

  7. Don't you just love cigar boxes? I've always loved them, but have never thought of a way to repurpose them. This is such a thoughtful gift for your son. I'm sure he'll be touched, and love the quote you found too. What? He doesn't read your blog??? Ha! My hubby doesn't either.

  8. What a great job on the cigar box, Lauren! Your son will love this thoughtful gift. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a lovely and thoughtful gift for your son! The quote is a wonderful touch! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    'Visiting from the de stash challenge.

  10. This is a great idea. I happen to have a cigar box at my booth. I also have a cigar loving friend and I usually buy him cigars for Christmas. Thanks for the great idea.

  11. This is such a great transformation! I love this idea for Christmas. It could be two gifts in one if filled. Bravo!

  12. What a great gift box for a cigar lover. I'm sure your son will love his new cigar box with the fun quote on the inside.

  13. hi Lauren, thank you so much for visiting me and the kind words today, I hope you do take up watercolor painting or any painting, I know it may be intimidating at first but it doesn't need to be,, Pinterest is a wonderful place to get ideas and tutorials, just type in easy or simple watercolor projects, cards are a great place to start when painting,, you buy blank cards or make your own, then when you finish a painting just cut to glue on the front of card,, the varieties are endless, thank you again for visiting me,, I will enjoy following you and the cigar box is a beautiful gift! The quote makes it so personal,, I love it!


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