Monday, October 16, 2017

Reclaimed Wood Rustic Thank You


One of our staff pastors was retiring and I was asked to make some type of thank you gift.  I found this quote on Pinterest and I really thought it was appropriate.
I dug around in my garage and found this big, old piece of wood in the rafters.  It measures about 24X15 and it was heavy, solid wood with lots of character.  I sanded it down and where there were odd 'nicks' or cuts, I emphasized those by sanding deep into those imperfections.
I applied a white wash of chalk paint and was surprised to see these vertical ridges pop out adding even more natural character to the piece.  The words were printed out and then with graphite paper on the backs of them, I traced over with pen.
It's a simple technique which then leaves the letters on the wood, ready to paint.  I used watered down, black acrylic paint and a fine tipped brush.
I decided to go back with my sander and remove some of the paint along the edges.
Simple process to create anything you want to say on any kind of wood!

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  1. You did a really good job! I love the saying.

  2. Lauren, That is just the PERFECT gift for a pastor that is retiring. I think we got a box of
    You did a wonderful job, too. xo Diana

  3. What a sweet way to say good-bye to your pastor. I'm sure that he loved his thank you gift!

  4. You are so crafty and this is so lovely and I know was much appreciated by the receiver. Happy new week!

  5. Wow! What a neat idea! And, I love the quote, too. This must have touched his heart so deeply. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a great gift, Lauren! Thank you for sharing how you made the sign by tracing the letters with graphite paper. I can think of several things that I would like to make by doing this. I'll bet the pastor loved it!

  7. What a great and thoughtful did an amazing job! I made a "Porch Rules" sign for my front porch using the exact technique as you did on this. I learned that trick about making your own carbon paper many years ago in art class! You know what they say about "great minds".... :D

  8. That is such a thoughtful gift, Lauren. I love what it says too. I think your pastor will appreciate this. Pinterest has some wonderful ideas. We got a few of them for Jess' baby shower. I think that old piece of wood in the garage was just for you. : )


  9. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing how you did yours. I love the look of these signs, and yours is very sweet!

  10. Lauren,

    I love your reclaimed wood sign. The whitewash finish is perfect and your transfer technique for lettering is awesome. You're a very neat painter. I haven't done it this way in years, I should try it again.

  11. Thank you Gail! I don't have any other way of doing lettering for now so this is my only option lol. I did invest in two very good quality brushes for painting fine details.


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